Everything you Need to Know about Commercial Modeling


Are you looking forward to kick starting your career as a commercial model?

Do you have questions popping out in your mind about how to become a commercial model, how much will I earn, who do I approach, and how?

Congratulations, you are in the right place! This blog will provide you with all the information about commercial modeling from scratch.

What is commercial modeling?

Commercial modeling is a widespread niche. Since advertisements, marketing, and magazines fall under the commercials, models are required for marketing everywhere. Many fashion brands, such as H&M, Zara, and Forever 21, hire models to promote their brand. They use these models for product photoshoots, TV advertisements, product packaging for different niches, billboards, and other marketing campaigns.

The list is endless.

You can note that high-end brands use the girl next door. The requirements for these types of models are quite simple. The motto is to find a model who can connect and reflect on the general population.

Requirements to become a commercial model.

The most common requirement for every female model is to have natural features, nice hair, and a great smile. The men should be charming, handsome, and should not have many muscles.

The other most common requirement is that the model should be known and accessible to the general public.

The height of the model also plays an important role. Many brands like to hire female models who are around 5’6 and male models who are around 5’11.

The modeling industry is now diverse and gives importance to both the male and female models. Many brands also hire transgender for showcasing their products.

The physique of the model plays an important role. Both the male and female models should have a toned body, maintain a healthy body, a proper diet, and get into the exercise routine.

The most preferred age for hiring a model is 18-35 years. Even though the industry has evolved in the last few years, the brands still prefer young models.

How to become a commercial model?

Here are a few steps to get into the commercial modeling industry.

Do proper research: Look for agencies that hire commercial models. Make sure the agency you choose is well-reputed. Once you have selected the agency, contact, and register yourself.

Contact the hiring agency: Contact the agency you have selected for all the details you require.

Tip: You can send an email or a letter via post asking all the queries you have.

Application: Some hiring agencies ask you to fill an application form to go ahead. Make sure you fill it up properly, with all the necessary and correct information.

Photos are important: You should carefully choose the photos. Ensure you upload photos that are of high quality.

Attend the interview: A few agencies ask you to attend a face-to-face interview. Stay confident and make sure you are not late for the interview.

Do not give up! It’s okay if you did not clear your interview. You can apply again after a few months or try another agency. It is essential to shortlist at least 3-4 modelling agencies and not stick to one agency.

The next question that comes to our mind is, how much a dedicated and professional commercial model earn?

The answer to this question is not known. The income varies depending on the brand you work for and your experience as a model.

Commercial models are paid considerably lower than high fashion brands. But the hourly pay should be decent.

Note: The agency you work for will take a percentage of your wage because they help you secure your job. Work for free collaborations only if it is helpful for your career.

Commercial modeling is a diverse industry and is growing with time. With time, many youngsters want to be a part of this industry, and the competition is increasing with time. Click here to learn everything you need to know about commercial modeling to kick starting your career.