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Everything You Need to Know About Gmail CRM

Google has been dominating the Internet for many years now and rightfully so. This company has introduced so many groundbreaking novelties to our lives that it would be very difficult to image our life without all the apps and services provided by Google. Known for their intuitiveness, Google apps and services are the most popular among Internet users all over the world. 

Keeping its finger on the pulse of the users, Google keeps producing new products and services that continue to make our lives easier. One such example is the ability to integrate a CRM solution with your Gmail account.

What is Gmail CRM?

Let’s start by defining what this means. Basically, it is an option to integrate a CRM (customer relationship management) solution into your Gmail inbox, from where you can manage the business. The reason to do this is to reduce the entire manual effort and make your mundane task more interesting.

Why Gmail?

The Gmail service boast hundreds of billions of emails sent or received daily. Should we continue? The platform supports more than one hundred languages and the average Gmail user has 1.7 accounts. Believe it or not, but around three quarters of the users open their Gmail account using a mobile device and the read rate of promotion email in the platform is almost 20%. So, integrating a CRM solution with the Gmail platform really makes sense.

The core features of a Gmail CRM

We could say that one of the paradoxes of modern business is that we are making things more complicated by installing more and more systems while trying to simplify them. That’s why having a CRM inside Gmail is great, because it keeps things within the same tab. Also, the option to customize your Gmail with a CRM solution, something a regular Gmail user can’t do, and make it what you want it to be is simply unbeatable.

For example, those working in a customer support team can have ticket generation attached to incoming customer emails so that they are easier to sort, respond to and close, while those working in a marketing team will notice that a Gmail CRM solution can improve lead generation opportunities with third-party generation. Those working in other departments might like the feature that allows them to share contacts instantly within a team or with customers, as provided by some of the best Gmail CRM solutions.

What can you look for when choosing a Gmail CRM?

It’s logical that you want to make the most of your investment in a CRM system, which is why you need to know what features are available. In terms of integrations, your solution has to fully integrate with Google Workspace apps you’re using (Contacts, Sheets, Drive, etc.). When it comes to email features, you might want to have automatic email logging, email tracking, email campaigns and analytics and templates.

Automation is another feature that is available and it can be particularly interesting to those who wish to reduce the number of routine tasks they do and free up a lot of time to focus on other, more important things. 

Collaboration is also facilitated, with various Gmail CRM solutions allowing you to foster effective communication between yourself and the team, partners and clients with features such as mentions, file and information sharing, task management and shared calendars. Finally, one of the greatest characteristics is flexibility. Your new Gmail CRM should adapt to fit your business needs, which means it should be fully customizable in terms of pipeline structure, segmentations and files, so that your business can get the most out of it.

How can your business benefit from a Gmail CRM?

If you’re a freelancer, you need to work extra hard to maintain organization. A Gmail CRM can organize the business side of freelancing with features such as contact and task management, scheduling, reminders, accounting software integration, etc. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the main benefit is that it helps streamline sales and boost revenue. 

Lead management becomes easier and users capture leads from various sources and track them through the entire sales process without leaving Gmail. SMEs can gain a deeper understanding of their customers and the trends within their own markets. CRM is especially useful for businesses with longer sales cycles and the constant connection to data means each interaction with customers is fully informed. 



As you can see, a Gmail CRM solution allows you to do multiple tasks more quickly thanks to a number of features. The integration of CRM software into Gmail benefits various teams and companies of different sizes. However, they can all significantly reduce the amount of time spent on tedious tasks and use it to do something more productive. Your choice of CRM software will depend on your needs and the industry you’re operating in, but don’t worry. There are so many options out there, that you’ll be spoiled for choice and your only problem will be finding one that meets all or most of your needs.

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