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Everything you need to know about pallet pooling and how it works

If your business deals in logistics, you may be dealing with pallets quite a lot. It can be challenging for any business to figure out a way to return the pallets to the beginning of the supply chain. Most businesses deal with sorting pallets, stacking them, and discarding the unusable pallets to reduce the cost to the company. These are common issues in the supply chain, but they can be resolved.

Pallet pooling services are one such solution that can help in managing the pallets. All you need to find is a pooled pallets provider. Let’s have a detailed look at how pallet pooling works.

How does the pallet pooling system work?

The pallet pooling company manages the pallets for you, and you don’t need to buy your own pallets. You can rent the pallets from a shared pooling company. The pooling company makes sure that you receive pallets that are in good condition and ready to use. The company will also organise pick up from your customers’ warehouses and get your pallets back to your production facility.

One of the main benefits of a pooling company is that they take care of the reverse logistics within the supply chain required to recover the pallets so that they can be reused by you or others. You can save your company the time, effort, and money it takes to manage your pallet supply with the help of a pallet pooling program. It also helps reduce the hassle of procuring pallets, managing them, recovering, and decreasing waste, and saving money.

Why should you choose pallet pooling?

Businesses that opt for reusable pallets and manage them in-house, in a way, operate two businesses along with running a supply chain. This adds to substantial transportation and labour costs for the company. In the long run, the reusable pallets might even compete with the company’s products for storage space as well as transportation. This means that managing your own pallets is a waste of the company’s time and resources, and it also distracts you from focusing on your core business.

Renting pallets from a shared pool offers significant savings and a return on your investment. This is the reason why many manufacturers and suppliers are opting for it. However, not all pallet pools are made equal, and you need to find the right one for your company.

What makes wooden pallets the best choice for pooling services?

Most pooling services have been providing reusable wood block pallets for many years due to their ample benefits. There are several reasons why wooden pallets are so popular. Here’s a look:
● Wooden pallets are affordable as compared to other types of pallets. The cost of raw materials is low, which makes them a cheaper alternative. For businesses looking for affordable pallets, wooden pallets are the appropriate solution. Also, wooden pallets can be reused several times, which make them a preferred choice for many.
● Yet another benefit of wooden pallets is their durability and strength. They are durable for a longer duration, and the quality doesn’t get compromised easily. For huge consignments, wooden pallets are often the best choice. They can easily hold bulkier and heavier goods.
● Wooden pallets are easily available and are one of the most used types of pallets. Because of their easy availability, it is possible to always have some at hand, and not have to wait for the next shipment of pallets to come in to transport your goods to your customers.
● The wooden pallets can be repaired very easily in less time. With just a hammer and a few nails, the pallets can be repaired for reuse. You don’t even need a professional carpenter for the repairs.
● Yet another benefit of wooden pallets is that they are eco-friendly and can easily be recycled. Pallets that have reached the end of their life can be transformed into other useful items.
● A remarkable benefit associated with wooden pallets is their level of friction, which enables them to stay in place, and prevents goods stored on top of them from moving around. Thus, they don’t slip during transportation and keep the goods on top of them safe.
However, with time, even plastic pallets have become quite popular in the supply chain and pooling platforms.

What makes plastic pallets also a favourable choice for pooling services?

Plastic pallets also serve as a great choice. They are sturdier, and there is no variation in size and weight. The plastic pallets are smooth, non-absorbent, and easy to clean. They are durable and won’t leave splinters or debris behind.

You can do some research online and ask for a reference for pooled pallet companies. Choose a service that meets your specific requirements at an affordable budget. Don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings as well. The benefits of pooling are many; all you need to do is some permutation and combination to find a solution that best meets your needs. They are a good way of efficiently managing your supply chain and cutting costs.

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