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Everything you need to know about stack racking

Available floor space is important for successful stacking operations and the ne depth of the stacked lane should not exceed four or five pallets. The number of stacked pallets is usually about three more as more weight can crush the products on the bottom pallet.

It can be inefficient in many tasks. Solid shaped loads are unstable and run the risk of receiving a reduction or hovering in the pallets, adding labour to load and unload the pallets (if in poor condition).

Variations of stacking still use pallets as the basis of stacking, but they include wooden frames that attach the pallets. Metal (steel) frame with decking is another variation. These are very portable units and work well in some situations such as overflow or short-term storage. Click here to know how to work with stacking of goods with material handling

Stacking frame is also known as stack rack

The advantage of a stacking frame is that it takes simple palette stacking to the next level. This rack essentially creates a storage rack using pallets as part of the structure.This method of stacking can support weights of several thousand pounds and also provide some stability for unprotected loads. Frames are quickly assembled and disassembled.

However, it is not a long-term storage solution and is better for settings where there is not enough floor space to accommodate all the palette.Frames allow for secure pallet stacking - about four high. Again, this is a viable short-term storage option, but not recommended for the long term for a number of reasons, including security. View here to understand the products.

Selective racking for equipment

The selected rack is by far the most common rack option, largely due to the variety available. However, this variation is still governed by certain restrictions.Most selected racks allow one, maybe two pellets deep. These products are useful for quick access and easy access to various SKUs.No special devices are required to load or unload from these racks.

Selective racks are easy to access and configure

Applications that use selective racking tend to work better in small operations that do not deal with high volumes. Warehouses Equipment with high density storage requirements are not suitable, as selective racking requires a lot of floor space to function properly.Loading / unloading will also take more time and production will be less. The vert of these racks is also not recommended for storage requirements. The maximum height of these racks should not exceed 40 feet.

Drive-in / drive-through racking

Warehouse and distribution centres involved in high volume operations value the speed and flexibility offered by drive-in or drive-through racks.These racks can be configured to accept last in, first out (LIFO) or first in, first out (FIFO) loading applications, making it ideal for working with the upper part of certain SQs. This product provides exceptional control of inputs and outputs.

The product can be loaded for storage on the one hand and retrieved for shipping on the other, reducing the amount of traffic in the islets. And because the design of these racks uses gravity, no additional manoeuvres are required by forklift drivers to reach each pallet.This type of rack also reduces the likelihood of damage while keeping the cost of repairs low.

Some material handling companies have introduced special lift equipment for navigating tight corridor systems.  In today's modern DC narrow corridor configurations and height of roof lights can cause much accessibility, security and productivity problems. While tight corridors and maximum stacking capabilities result in better space usage, it becomes more challenging to retrieve palettes and boxes stored above a certain height.

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