Everything You Need To Know About Tax Depreciation Schedule


Do you have or own an investment property? Or you are looking to make an investment, or you know someone who is planning to make any investment in the property? If yes, you might have come across a conversation like "is it the right time for investment?" "What about the tax laws?" "Will the property genuinely make me any lucrative deal?" We all have heard these mainstream questions before making a step towards property investment. And we all share the same table of stress where tax is served. Everything is according to the plan and the budget. However, we eventually end up with a question of tax. Chances are the opportunities we have to save on the tax and maximize our property are being unnoticed. There is a high-risk of not knowing about this amazing lucrative method for saving valuable money which acts as a gate of a hindrance in our opportunity. No need to worry if you are not aware of this opportunity. The article will guide you with everything you need to know about this opportunity. Let us start knowing what is a tax depreciation schedule.

What do we mean by tax depreciation schedule?

A tax depreciation schedule is simply a document/report that tells us or our account how much depreciation to claim for an investment property including the building itself.  It will list what amount of tax to claim when putting our tax return to ensure we claim the correct amount of tax back. A depreciation schedule assists us in paying less tax. The depreciation entitlements are divided into two categories: capital structure, which is bricks and mortar, the building components, concrete, and tiles. Plant & equipment items which include bathroom accessories, hot water system, exhaust fans, carpets, vinyl, air conditioners, curtains, ovens, door closers, and many more. A depreciation schedule is prepared by a professional tax depreciation company that uses professional quantity surveyors to complete the depreciation report.

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) permits property investors to claim depreciation as a deduction on their taxable income each financial year, for any income-producing property. This depreciation will reduce our taxable income allowing us to pay less tax and maximize the cash flow from our investment property. This is why it is said to be a lucrative deal. If you are seeking a company of tax depreciation schedule in Brisbane, Australian Valuers is the best choice. They have a team of professional surveyors who will assist you in making a lucrative step.

What is listed in the tax depreciation schedule?


There are two defined categories:

1. Plant & equipment depreciation:This category is associated with our investment property that has a finite lifetime and fall over time because of age, wear, and tear. This category includes items like carpets, appliances like (stove, air conditioner, fridge), furniture, security systems, etc which are just part of the property.

2. Capital works depreciation: This category covers aspects of the building- construction, alteration, extensions, and improvements of the structure. It does not involve soft landscaping or the cost of the building.

In order to get the full return on the tax, it is necessary to include all the items.

A tax depreciation report or a tax depreciation report

A tax depreciation schedule is in effect a report which is completed and returned to us for the tax return. The reason it is more commonly known as depreciation schedule is that the fact is listed in a schedule format. In effect, both are the same thing.

By ordering a tax depreciation report, we will receive the schedule and the listed items. Later, this report will help us calculate the correct tax amount we can claim.

How to get a tax depreciation schedule?

To get a tax depreciation schedule contact a professional tax valuer having profound skills and knowledge about all the property laws.

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