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Everything You Need to Know About the Aircraft

As you know, flying in an Aircraft is always an adventure for everyone, and you will be shocked to learn that only five percent of the total world population has ever been on an aircraft. Do you know there are many amazing facts about planes? Have you ever thought about how fast do planes fly? What are the different types of speeds of these Aircraft? How to stay healthy during a flight?

Here, you will get answers to all these questions. So at first, we will get to know about the facts which you will probably find interesting.

Fascinating facts about Aircrafts

Do you know, a pilot is paid half of the salary compared with how much does instacart pays to software engineers?

Here is a list of some more interesting facts like this:

  • Safest and the worst section of an Aircraft

The middle seat in the back portion of an Airplane is the safest section with a mortality rate of 28 percent, and an aisle seat in the middle of the cabin is the worst section with a mortality rate of 44 percent.

  • The Dirtiest place in Aircraft

The tray table at the back of a seat is the dirtiest place in an Aircraft containing bacteria levels three times more than the toilet flush button.

  • Tiny hole in the window of Airplane

It is considered a ‘bleed hole’, and the primary purpose of this hole is to balance the air pressure. This hole allows pressure to balance between the passenger cabin and the air gap. It also keeps the window panes fog-free.

  • Pilots sleeping during a flight

Are the pilots allowed to sleep during a flight? The answer to this question is no. It is a fact that more than half of the pilots have admitted that they fell into sleep accidentally, at least once, while flying during flight.

  • Bathrooms can be opened from outside in an aircraft

A flight crew can open the bathroom door whenever there is an emergency or for the safety of other passengers. They can do this through a switch that allows the door to open from outside.

How fast do planes fly?

The speed of commercial passenger jets is approximately 880-926 kilometres/hour, which is about 475-500 knots (547-575 mph). It is the speed when it is at the height of 36,000 ft. The higher its speed, the faster an aircraft can travel.

Types of Airspeed

When an Airplane travels, it travels with different types of speeds compared with the car’s speed that only has one kind of speed. Below there are the four types of speed explained.

  1. Indicated Airspeed (IAS)
  2. Groundspeed (GS)
  3. True Airspeed (TAS)
  4. Calibrated Airspeed (CAS)

Indicated Airspeed (IAS)

The airspeed is directly read from the Airspeed Indicator and is based on pressure reading driven by the pitot-static system. These speeds vary, in terms of true airspeed, depending upon the density of the altitude.

The air is denser at the lower altitude resulting in a higher pitot pressure due to an increase in the number of molecules, which results in a higher indicated airspeed.


Ground speed (GS) by name refers to the speed of an aircraft when it is on the ground. It is the speed used by pilots for making time and distance calculations and for navigating the destination. When an aircraft dive vertically, the ground speed is measured to be zero.

True Air Speed (TAS)

True Air Speed is defined as the Aircraft’s speed relative to the air mass through which it is flying. Moreover, It can help in the actual navigation of the destination.

The true airspeed will be the same as the ground speed if the air is still and the Aircraft is flying straight on the same level. It varies with the different air density, which in turn varies with the different altitude.

Calibrated airspeed

Calibrated airspeed (CAS) is the airspeed corrected for any position and instrument error. According to International Standards Atmosphere (ISA), calibrated speed is equal to the actual speed at sea level, and it is the same as the ground speed if there is no wind. Sometimes, expression rectified airspeed is used in place of calibrated airspeed.

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How to stay healthy in Aircraft?

Though airplanes will give you the most comfortable and fastest traveling experience, there is a high chance of getting sick if flying in an aircraft. You can catch germs and bacteria, which can cause severe diseases.

So, here are some of the best tips that can help you remain healthy during a flight and prevent you diseases.

  • Prevent blood clotting

You can prevent blood clotting just by walking up and down the aisles once every hour. It helps to boost the blood flow and will prevent swelling.

  • Disinfect your surroundings

Use a disinfectant around your surroundings to sanitize the tray table, seat belt, seat and armrests. It will kill the germs and bacteria present all around you.

  • Stay hydrated

As the air in an aircraft is 55 per cent drier than any other indoor place, consequently causing dehydration, you may weaken your immune system. Try to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water and avoid drinking alcohol and coffee.

  • Wear a mask

People with a weak immune system should wear a surgical mask to prevent bacterial infections, and it also prevents any virus from entering the body.

  • Eat light food

Avoid sugary and starchy foods and do not overeat because the digestion process slows down in the air due to expanding of the bodily gases. Also, avoid junk food as it can cause acidity in your body.

  • Sanitize your hands

It would be best if you keep your hands clean by washing them regularly with soap and water. Keep a hand sanitizer with you always and try to touch your nose, mouth, and eyes with a sanitized or clean hand only as it will prevent germs and bacteria from entering your body.

As a trifling glyph of health, these health tips will also help boost your health, and you will probably have a healthy flight.

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