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Everything You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Rudraksha Mala

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Rudraksha is basically the seed of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree which is known for its enormous spiritual benefits across the globe. For each and every spiritual seeker, a rudraksha mala plays an important role. However, it can also bring positivity to any ordinary individual. There are several types of rudrakshas available, and each of them has its own unique benefits. But people should choose the suitable one for them in order to yield the utmost advantages. The seed of these Elaeocarpus ganitrus trees are found in the Himalayan region. Mostly, countries like Thailand, Burma, Nepal, and Indonesia grow the seed at a certain altitude in the mountains. Altitude plays a crucial role in deciding the quality of the rudraksha seed because the atmosphere has a large influence on these rudraksha beads. Anyone who wants to purify their life energies, then a rudraksha mala can be used as a tool to support this endeavour. However, people shouldn’t randomly buy the mala from any store and wear it. It should be worn under an expert’s guidance, or people can enhance their own knowledge before purchasing the rudraksha mala online. 


The Important Types of Rudrakshas: 

The term “Rudraksha” means the tears of Lord Shiva. In traditional belief, it is said that the tears that landed on the earth from Lord Shiva’s eyes have formed the tree of rudraksha. However, there are several types of rudraksha mala available based on their total number of faces. Each of the rudraksha beads contains oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen. There are a total of 21 faces or mukhis available, and one can buy this rudraksha mala online these days. But, it’s important to know the benefits of each type of rudraksha to understand which one would be suitable for different individuals. Each of the 21 different types of rudrakshas are used for special purposes. But there are three most important types of rudrakshas available nowadays that are used by a majority of people. 


  • Ek Mukhi Rudraksha

A lot of people believe that wearing Ek Mukhi rudraksha will bring joy and take away all the troubles. But wearing the wrong type of rudraksha can seriously disturb people’s life. Wearing Ek Mukhi rudraksha without knowing its usage can be harmful to people. It’s because it makes life energies in a certain way that make people want to stay alone. People won’t be able to be compatible with any other person. So, without knowing the usage of the beads, one should never buy this Ek Mukhi rudraksha. 


  • Panchmukhi Rudraksha

Five-faced or panchmukhi rudraksha is safe for everyone, including women, men, and children. It promotes general well-being, freedom, and health. It also helps to lower the blood pressure of the people and calm their nerves. It improves the alertness in the nervous system too. But, if anyone is looking for rudraksha for their children, then it’s best to make them wear the six-faced rudraksha. It will help them to stay focused and calm. 


  • Gauri Shankar Rudraksha

Gauri-Shankar rudraksha is a certain type of rudraksha that brings balance between the person’s Pingala and Ida. It helps to bring prosperity in life. But, it doesn’t mean that the individual will be financially prosperous. But, the balanced life energies will help the person to conduct several things without any hitch. These are some of the main types of rudraksha that one should be aware of before buying them online. 


It’s important for people to know all the facts of rudraksha mala and buy a suitable one in order to yield its best benefits. Generally, the rudraksha is considered the best shield against all negative energies. If anyone has been suffering from the harmful effects of negative energies, then wearing the right type of rudraksha mala can be extremely beneficial. There's a whole science of using the rudraksha mala. But, there are certain guidelines that people should follow when wearing rudraksha mala. 


Guidelines for Wearing Rudraksha Mala: 


Rudraksha helps to balance the life energies in a certain way. Therefore, wearing the wrong kind of mala will certainly disturb the life of the person. Traditionally, it is believed that a rudraksha mala should contain a total of 108 beads and an additional one which is called Bindu. It’s important that the mala contains the Bindu; otherwise the energy won’t be working optimally. An adult should never wear a rudraksha mala less than 84 beads along with the Bindu. Also, it’s important to choose the right type of thread when stringing the rudraksha mala. The ideal thread is either cotton or silk. The person needs to change the thread after six months. However, some people may prefer gold, silver, or copper to string the beads together. But, make sure the beads aren’t strung too tight or too loose. 



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