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Everything You Need to Know Non-Detectable Warning Tape

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When it comes to ensuring your employees' safety and health, nothing you do will ever be enough. For construction companies, they need to instruct their crew to take note of all such warning messages and deal accordingly. There are several different types of mats and tapes available that help you take charge of the process. 


One such kind of product is a non-detectable warning tape. This color-coded underground warning tape helps guard against the costly and dangerous digging processes. They are overall 4.0 in thickness, made out of an inert plastic film that quickly resists degradation due to acids, alkalis, and other substances found in the soil. 


Unlike a detectable underground warning tape, these aren't catchable by a metal detector and entirely rely on high reflective visibility. Such tapes need to be visible to the human eye, and they then must understand the type of utility lines lying below. Such tapes generally have a different color deciphering the kind of utility line beneath.  


The following are characteristics possessed by a non-detectable warning tape. 


  • These are designed for burial above or below the underground piping or cables. It helps warn the excavators that there are utility lines below. 

  • These conform to OSHA and other industrial standards.

  • There are custom lengths, colors, sizes, and widths available.

The color-coding scheme of the non-detectable warning tape

The following are different types of color codes for varied utility lines. 


  • Red color for electric power lines, cables, conduit, and lighting cables 

  • Yellow color for gas, oil, steam, petroleum, or gaseous materials 

  • Orange color for communication, alarm or signal lines, cables, or conduit

  • Blue color for portable drinking water

  • Green color for sewers and drainage lines 

  • Purple color for reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry lines 

  • Pink color for temporary survey markings 

  • White color for proposed excavation


Choose a non-detectable warning tape that improves and standardizes the identification of hazards and components. It must promote safe working environments and minimize downtime due to errors and accidents. A non-detectable warning tape manufacturer must provide a full complement of identification products designed to fulfill all your needs and help alert against dangerous environments beforehand. 

It is predominant for every construction project to ensure that every entry to the hazardous area has been marked off with proper barricade tape color and ensure that the message is visible. Once the project is completed and there is no longer any hazard involved, you can simply remove this non-adhesive tape and open the place for passersby.


Tips to look for a non-detectable warning tape supplier 

When searching for a non-detectable warning tape supplier, you need to trust in their products, service, and price. With overwhelming options available in the market, you need to consider the following points to ensure you have the right company by your side. 


Research about their product:

 You must learn everything about their product: non-adhesive nature and resistance to water, tension, stress, acids, alkalis, rodents, and everything else. Apart from the internet research, download their product brochure and read product specifications. 


Ask for a quotation:


If you're looking to buy their product in bulk, you can always ask for a quotation on the same. Try to analyze whether the spending is equal to the quality of the product. Try negotiating if you can and fix one price for the shipment. 

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