Everything You Should Know About Threshold Ramps


Threshold ramps have made many things easier for its users. Not only is it used for moving wheelchairs, but it can also be used to tug in luggage, grocery carts, scooters, walkers, etc. It serves various purposes. But do you know anything else about them? Mentioned down below is everything you should know about ramps used for thresholds.


Important Things One Should Know about Door Threshold Ramps

What are they?


A ramp for threshold is a slope that helps move things easily from the ground over the thresholds. It is an inclined platform that is installed against raised landings or thresholds.


Advantages of Ramps


Ramps used for thresholds have various advantages that a person can benefit from. Some of the various advantages are mentioned below.


·  One can easily navigate between doorways. This is beneficial for those who have high thresholds or a significant gap between two doorways.

·  It makes it easier for people who use wheelchairs to get inside without risks.

·  It is also useful for other purposes like tugging their luggage, walkers, grocery carts, etc.

·  It provides independence to users of wheelchairs as they can easily move from one place to another without extra help.

·  Various types of ramps are portable so it makes it easier to move it from one place to another. This enables the user to use it at different places.

·  They can be easily installed. Many ramps come with pre-drilled holes. This makes it easier for people even with no experience installing it.


Types of Ramps


Apart from ramps used for thresholds, there are different varieties of ramps that are available both online and offline. This gives the users various options to choose from according to their requirements. Some types are: -


1. Single or Multi-Fold Ramps: They can easily be folded and transported from one place to another. They come in various lengths and widths. They can be used for tugging luggage, wheelchairs, or other such purposes.

2. Solid Surface Ramp: It has fewer joints and movable parts. But they are more durable and stronger compared to other ramps. If you want a ramp in a fixed location, it is a great option as it can easily be used for electric scooters and wheelchairs too.

3. Track Ramps: These are lightweight channel ramps. It is non-foldable. They are made especially for the use of manual wheelchairs. They are available in different weights and sizes according to their needs and requirements.

4. Ramp with Transition Plate: This includes a self-adjusting plate at the bottom. This makes it easier to move from the ground to the threshold. It is a good option for those thresholds where one side is sloppier than the other side.


Things to Consider While Buying a Ramp


There are various things one should consider before buying a ramp. Some things one should consider are as follows: -


1. Size: The size of the ramp is important. Proper measurement of the ground and threshold should be taken for the perfect size.

2. Purpose: While selecting a ramp, the purpose should be the most important thing to think about.

3. Weight: The weight of the user and that of the moving aid should be measured to select the best ramp.

4. Type: The type of ramp that is perfect for the purpose should be chosen. It will be best to do so to ensure more usage.


These were some important aspects that one should know about threshold ramps. This information is enough for you to understand the whole concept of ramps. Learning something new about new things does not harm anyone. It is an interesting topic. This information can be used by individuals in the future if the need arises. This will help you with important decisions while selecting a ramp.