Everything You Should Know About Tire Failure and Analysis


When it comes to forensics, tire experts play an important role in evaluating the causes of an accident. Speaking of accidents, the statistics show that about 1.3 million people die of car accidents in the US alone each year. To find out why these accidents happened, it is crucial to critically analyze each case and figure out what can be improved to avoid accidents in the first place. In case you need a tire expert, click here for more info on these services: https://usforensic.com/forensic_service/tire-expert/.

Things to Know About Tire Failure and Analysis

  • Fatigue Failure

This is usually caused by the over-deflection of the tire which is caused by under-inflation or overloading of the vehicle. There are also reasons for tire fatigue such as poor alignment and this will cause severe scuffing of the tire. This continuous scuffing can generate friction and heat.

  • Retread Failures

Retread failures are majorly misunderstood and that is why they’re often also overlooked. Retread failure is directly related to the casing of the tire and is not related to the adhesion of the new tread. Usually, people pay more attention to the adhesion rather than the casing and that is why this failure is often not predicted timely.

  • Internal Rusting

With time, the internal cables also age and can rust. Especially if you live in an area with snow and dampness, rusting is inevitable. With rusting, cracks will begin to appear as well and this can lead to serious tire failures. A tire that is weakened by rusting will eventually fail by tread separation. In the case of rust, it is important to get the tire analyzed if rust has reached the casing of the tire as well. If it has not, it can be sealed and further damage can be averted.

  • Tire Ageing

There is a reason why tires are to be replaced after a certain time because the damage to them can be life-threatening.  Like any other rubber product, their life is limited and should be replaced. The rubber becomes less elastic and less giving with time.


Failure Analysis   

When investigating car accidents, the experts carry out an all-encompassing tire analysis to find out what could be the reason for the failure. Some important considerations of their analysis are:

  • Failure analysis of the remaining components of the tire
  • Wheel separation from moving vehicles
  • Tread separation
  • Sudden air loss in the tire or tire bursts
  • Age defects and irregularities in inspections
  •  Valve mechanics and cyclic failures
  • Mismatched wheel components such as the buts and bolts of the tires.

When it comes to tire failure, there can be a hundred reasons and that is why only a tire expert can analyze and then come to an objective conclusion. Forensic teams hire tire experts in cases where tire failures are reported. It is often the owner's negligence with the tires and their maintenance that can lead to serious damage. To avert any serious accident, regularly change the position of the tires to ensure equal pressure and wear on all 4 tires.