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Evolution of Thoroughbred horse racing in America


The ancient sport of horseracing has deep roots in the US where it is trendy. It began as a sport for the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia around 4500 BC, and it is today one of the most widely attended spectator's sports of the United States of America. Horseracing is famous all over the world including Asia, Australia, South America, the Middle East, Ireland, Great Britain and Canada. Racing Thoroughbred horses running over flat courses between a ¾ mile and one and quarter mile is the most popular sporting event that figures in the list of TVG Horse Races followed by Quarter horse races and harness racing.

Rooted in history

Major civilizations across the world adopted horseracing as an organized sport and the events of chariot racing and mounted horseracing figured in the Greek Olympics. The popularity of the sport was evident during the times of the Roman Empire too. The sport has never lost its attraction and appeal that has kept increasing with time and emerged as a major sporting event of the modern times.

Thoroughbred comes to the US

Long Island had earned the distinction of owning the first racing track of the country that was laid for the first time, back in 1665.  People of British origin who had settled in America hold the credit of bringing the sport to the country when they imported Thoroughbred horses from England. In its initial stages the sport, though popular, was not at all organized. Organized racing was visible from the times of the Civil War in 1868. The sport became so popular that there were 314 tracks in the US by 1890.

The American Jockey Club

Although the sporting events became organized, the lack of proper governance led to the infiltration of criminal characters into the sports scenes that lead to corruption. For administering the sport in a fair way, the track owners and stable owners of New York formed the formed the American Jockey Club in 1894. The organization was successful in weeding out unwanted people from the sport to give it a clean and corruption-free image.

Thoroughbred races are better organized

Half of the American states have tracks for Thoroughbred racing, as there is the immense public attraction of significant events like Breeder’s Cup races that started in 1984 and the Triple Crown. Granting license to participants and allotting racing dates come under the purview of state racing commissions while it is the responsibility of the Jockey Club to supervise the racing rules and appoint racing officials.  Breeding of thoroughbreds is the sole authority of the Jockey Club.

Breeding Thoroughbreds

Breeding Thoroughbreds is an art that breeders have acquired over the years and supported the rising popularity of Thoroughbred racing. Breeders know that Thoroughbreds that have the capabilities of high performance give rise to offspring that enjoy success. They also pay attention to specific breeds that have high chances of passing on the racing genes to the next generation.

Thoroughbred racing attracts masses who patronize the sport in their own ways and helps to maintain its popularity.

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