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Evolution of Valet Parking

Valet parking is one of the few changes that is gladly accepted by the world. It starts with hotels, but nowadays, we can see it in restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, individual event facilities, luxury apartment buildings, and other venues. It is a simple concept to make the guest more comfortable. Valet parking requires a valet driver/valet parking attendant, which is an employee who parks the vehicle of guests in the parking lot and returns it when the guest is leaving.

It depends upon the host whether the parking service is paid or not, on some occasions, valet parking is free, but in some cases, it is paid. In many circumstances, the cost of valet parking depends upon the time the vehicle spent at the parking lot.

The valet parking kiosks require some official receptions. The manner and the service provided by parking attendants creates a good impression on customers and guests. The whole valet parking is dependent upon the host, all the decisions like whether self-parking is allowed or not, what is the limit of parking lots, is taken by them only. At the start, the valet parking system was not taken as a severe service because most people think it’s not required, but the results changed it all.

The Efficiency of Valet Parking

This service is emerging for the comfort of the guest. Valet Parking is very convenient for the guests because it reduces their work like finding the parking slot or carrying the luggage with them to the parking lot; it also saves the guest's time.

Valet parking is handy in adverse weather conditions because, at that time, people are in a hurry, and the conditions are a little messy. Nowadays every big hotel or restaurant has a valet parking system since it’s their primary goal to present excellent service to their customers, so they come back for more, and parking is something that will cause the first impression in customer’s mind, and it also would be the last then they are leaving, so it has to be useful for building a good customer relationship.

The use of valet parking also prevents the messiness in the parking lot because sometimes when the host’s place is little engaged customers got irritated when it comes to getting valid parking space which leads to conflicts between customers and that may cause a problem for host since they have to maintain good terms with both the parties.

Effect of Technology in Valet Parking

Like any other field valet parking also got modernized with time, now various types of advanced tools and software are used in valet parking. Nowadays, Hosts are using Computerized Valet Parking Systems (CVPS). It started with recording the parking details in computers or calculating and managing the parking bill, but with time, new methods are introduced like Valet Parking Kiosks and System Management. In this method, we manage the Valet Parking Kiosks in the computer system; here, Valet Parking Kiosks is a small, temporary, stand-alone booth in which the parking attendant standing represents the Valet Parking corner. In traditional valet parking system, the guests handover the keys at this kiosks get the parking receipt, that receipt help them to find their vehicle at the time of leaving, but in Valet Parking Kiosks and System Management process is little different and more reliable because in this system we use the valent software which reduces the hosting cost and labor work. This system is considered more efficient in comparison to the previous one, where the focus is on delivering excellent quality parking services to the customers. It provides a ticketless option, smart features like damage claim, and credit card processing.

The followings are some smart features that make the modern valet parking system better than the traditional Valet Parking-

●      The Computerized Valet Parking Systems provide a less cost consuming process, which increases the host’s revenue and reduces extra cost.

●      The modern Valet Parking system in advance and gives a good impression on customers.

●      It provides advanced features like P2PE and EMV solutions.

●      The advance valet parking system can provide picture based damage review.

●      Most of the advanced valet systems are online and portable for both mobile phones and PCs.

●      It provides 24x7 mobile and internet services.

Types of Valet Parking

Valet parking is categorized into the following types-

●      Bike Valet Parking

●      Four-wheeler Valet Parking

●      Cycle Valet Parking

All the above Valet Parking types have their specifications like the variation in parking lots; all the three categories have their kind of parking lots with the difference in price; most of the time, bike and cycle parking are free of cost.

At first, the Valet Parking Kiosks & System Management look expensive, but it is time-saving and helpful in many ways. There are various Valet Parking Applications available in the market. If you have any specific requirements, you can hire an organization to develop a new application according to your needs.

One of the most popular computer-based Valet Parking Applications is ARIA, which was launched by Computerized Valet Parking System that has more than 20 years’ experience in this field. The ARIA provides some advanced features and US manufactured software products. It also has a cloud service if the customers require it.

This type of modern-day application is the future of valet parking. In the marketing and business world, even small things can cause significant effects; the valet parking system, which was considered as a useless feature in the start, now shows the standard of the Reception. Various types of new features are added in valet parking with time for making the customer service more dependable.

At some places, the valet parking exists as a luxury feature for customers like getting the car while leaving, opening the doors for the customer even some hosts provide features like a car wash for free. The valet Parking gets upgraded in both technical and non-technical terms, features like podium and kiosks make the valet parking service more legitimate, and it also provides improvements that lead to some good results like handicap parking.

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