Evolve Your Business with the Best App Developer


Technology in these modern times is an essential tool that most businesses have learned to maximize on. With the availability of different tech tools in the market today, most businesses have switched to digital business. Additionally, the availability of companies with tech skills has largely contributed to this revolution.

Social media pages, and websites, for a while now have been mostly used for digital business. Thanks to technology advancement and skilled personnel, businesses have managed to successfully create, and utilize mobile Apps.

Through these apps, businesses have managed to create efficiency in their products and services. However, for a quality App, you would require a quality App Developer like Bitsmedia to help you elevate your business to the next level.

 Who is an App Developer?

An app developer is a computer software engineer who understands language coding who creates, tests, and programs applications for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. Most of these software gurus work in teams, coming up with ideas that would be of public interest or one that would suit a personal need. They also work alongside graphic artists and other software specialists to come up with a functioning app.

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Types of App Developers

There are four main types of app developers. They create, design, test, and publish the app from scratch all by themselves. Though fewer in the market, they are the most expensive.What creates the difference in each is the number of employed personnel.

1. In-House Enterprise - these are large software companies that create, design, build, test and publish your customized application all by themselves. Regarded as the most expensive due to its increased number of employees, this type of app developer is the most effective for creating applications that suit your business needs.

2. Outsource Enterprise - unlike the in-house enterprise, outsource enterprise employs other specialists from outside to work on projects. Best for an already started project, this type of developer is best for customizing and designing. They are cheaper than the in house enterprise

3. Boutiques - This type of developer works in a smaller team. They are highly specialized in particular applications and deliver top-notch jobs. Hiring them is slightly cheaper since they only engage themselves in fewer projects.

4. Freelancers - are app developers that do all the work solo. They create, design, test, and publish the app from scratch all by themselves. Though fewer in the market, they are the most expensive. They however come with a lot of shortcomings since they are prone to eras and the project might take longer.

Benefits of an App Developer

Hiring the best App developers like Bitsmedia comes with a plethora of advantages. Such include;

     Customized App - with adequate experience, an App developer can come up with an application that suits your business needs. Additionally, if your app needs to be changed or upgraded, App developers can do that for you.

     Resources - App developers will come equipped with the resources needed for the successful building of your app. This includes experience, tools, and skills.

     Advice - a quality developer will present you with the best advice regarding the application that would favor your business. Additionally, they would also offer advice on the type of app to be created.

     No Diverted Attention - Having developers in place will allow you to focus primarily on your business while they focus on making the app for you.