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Excel Jobs at Basic and Advanced Level

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At present, Excel can be considered as one of the most popularly used software at the business level. Almost in all organizations, there is the need of Excel to enter, update, organize, analyze and present data reports. Excel skills are an essential requirement in today's job market as this tool is used by most companies. This powerful tool is required in all offices and businesses for proper management of data, and thus, there are a good number of Excel jobs available in the country.

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Popularity of Excel

Today, while there is the need for professionals to know to use Excel for basis office tasks, yet most organizations, especially the larger ones, require professionals who are experts specifically in Excel jobs so as to handle excel related tasks. Most companies prefer to hire candidates who can create a spreadsheet with charts, formulas, and data. Hence, it is advisable to be fully trained and certified to get good jobs in this field. There is the need for candidates to opt for both basic and advanced excel courses to benefit in the workplace. Most companies prefer to have candidates with advanced Excel certification, so that they can handle and manage all data-related tasks efficiently, without disturbing other work operations.

excel jobs

Microsoft Excel is used by many businesses to automate their daily processes. Right from maintaining the employee data and financial data, to managing debit sheets and analyzing data, a lot many tasks are involved in excel jobs.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application, which can be used in Windows and Mac desktop, in different web browser and even can be used on smartphones/i-pads with Android or iOS processor. If you are a Fresh graduate and know basic and advanced excel skills, it sure adds a value to your CV to apply for Excel jobs. The Advanced Excel Certification benefits the job applicant and give him or her competitive edge over non-certified professionals.

Types of Excel Jobs

It is very easy to use this software, and in most departments, professionals with excel expertise are required, from human resource to marketing, from sales to IT, from data analytics departments to e-commerce and so on. The level of expertise, however, vary from basic to advance. Employers need to assess the candidates depending on the requirement of the job, whether basic or advanced. If you are a graduate and a certified excel expert, you can try the following excel jobs:

  • Data Analyst
  • Metrics and Analytics Specialist
  • MIS Executive
  • Excel trainer
  • Advanced Excel Expert
  • Operations Manager MIS
  • Senior Analyst
  • MIS reporting etc.

There are also remote excel jobs which have become quite popular these days. Remote excel jobs are in great demand in today’s age of digital work environment. As a freelancer, you can take up many excel jobs at the same time, work from home and earn good money. In gig economy of today, specialists and experts of Excel are in high demand and you get good jobs from outside the country as well.

Basic Excel skills

For entry level or basic level excel jobs, the candidates should have the skills of applying data filters, data sorting, cell formatting, auto calculations, data formatting, managing page layout and so on.

For advanced level excel jobs, candidates should be able to use Functions, Advanced charting, Toolbars, Conditional formatting, PIVOT Tables & PIVOT Reporting, Advanced formulae, Macros, Data Tables, Simulations & solver and so on.

Types of jobs that require Excel Skills

There are different types of jobs that require professionals to be experts in Excel skills. These include job roles like as follows:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Solution Architect
  • Project Managers
  • Retail Store Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Accountants and many more
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