Excerpts from Expert - Michael Giannulis on the Role of an Entrepreneur in a Fragmented Market Landscape


With a rapid increase in technological advancements, any company operating in any industry will face a stage in their cycle when their business is fragmented. It is mostly a result of the shortage of innovation and active involvement. Even if your company is one of the prominent players in your niche, a single innovator can put your company into risk, resulting in your brand downfall.

In light of this, growing your business is a crucial step that an entrepreneur has to carry out when he or she sees a discrepancy or sales drops on the record. You can grow your business utilizing expansions, geographic or product line expansions, mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, venturing, agreements, and other strategic partnerships. Examine what you need and based on that implement it for your business.

Expansions and How They Attract the Demand Side in the Industry - Mike Giannulis

In most cases, an established company becomes satisfied with the amount of revenue and profit it makes. The mistake they do here is to ignore the continuously evolving market dynamics. Therefore, strategies such as expansions are essential in being the top brand recall in the minds of the consumers, customers, and potential customers. Product or service line expansions are a niche area where you can experiment the most and expect the highest outcome. You can opt for advice from market experts and professionals, including Michael Giannulis, on areas of horizontal and vertical integration for the expansion of product or service lines.

Remember that the needs and wants of the customers continuously change, and as a result, you have to modify the product or service portfolio, as and when needed. However, if you do not become adept at evolving market trends, your brand will fall behind the competition.For instance, if you are a product or a device manufacturer, brainstorm if you can add a service or software portfolio related to your current one. Such a strategy will increase your brand's reach and open your doors to a new set of audience. Horizontal integrations always increase customer and clientele base, eventually leading to an increased revenue generation.

On the other hand, geographical expansion is a step you can take when you are successfully based in one location and have enough capital for a venture in the new geographic area. It can be in the same city or different continents. Nevertheless, if not direct presence, you can always opt for partnerships with distributors and suppliers. With a rise in digital marketing, online distribution channels, and e-commerce webs can aid you in fulfilling the orders of your clients in different regions. A geographical expansion can enlargethe target audience and aids in increasing the clientele base, generating higher revenue and earnings.

Be the Zen of Your Business

An entrepreneur must have the potential to overcome all the changes in their journey to the top. As your business grows, you will face a lot oftransition periods where you will have to invest a lot of perseverance and effort to withstand the change. This period of adjustment can spell out tricky margins as you work to target potential prospects. As a result, you need a strong network for the smooth functioning of a business. You have to invest your time, money, and efforts in establishing cordial and mutual relationships with your clients, customers, partners, s well as distributors and suppliers. A stable connection can help you minimize the different costs and stabilize your company's balance sheet.

In addition to that, your competitors also contribute heavily to your market share. Finding their strategy and blindly following it will not give you enough results. Instead, learning and analyzing their strategies, and building and modifying with the missing vital pointers will fetch more clients to your brand than your competitors. Hence, it is always advisable to foster good relations with the competitors as it can help in future partnerships and aid you in production, manufacturing, and research and developmental areas.

Sales Forecasting and the Expertise Needed

Quantitative data regarding your company is very vital in making future decisions and investments for your company. If there is no in-house team in your company, you can hire a professional market research expert to analyze the industry of interest and highlight your pain points. An expert in the field will determine the market forces and restraints, impact analysis, and keep a consultation before you. These estimated numbers will give you a fair idea of the odds of you losing or winning in the next ten years.

You have to identify the risks and the return on investment as to the different strategies your company plans on. For instance, an expansion strategy will cost a lot. However, the return on investment in a few years should outcome the investment. Several factors determine whether it is wise to carry out such strategies. You can evaluate several standpoints and base your decisions upon the break-even factors.

An Eye for Detail for Strengthening the Market Share

For prominent growth in your industry, you need to aim at the critical activities of your business. List down the primary activities and conduct a brainstorming session to increase the efficiency and productivity of the work. If you ignore the small picture and do not give due importance to your business's critical activities, your company will be doomed to stagnate. The core activities are that basic going-on that moves a business strategically in a forward direction. In light of this, you should aim at the ones that you should be laser-focused and those activities that need serious modification.

There exists risk at every step in an entrepreneurial venture. No matter whether you are running a big or small enterprise there are always challenges. However, evaluating appropriate strategies at the proper time can prevent your company from a downfall. Following the approach mentioned above, you can withstand and strengthen your company's presence in your industry and eventually increase the market share of your brands.