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Excessive use of social media makes you unproductive

It wouldn't be entirely unfair to refer to social media as Pandora's box of distractions rather than evils. Distractions always existed but they were probably fewer in number before social media came into being. Now, with the availability of innumerable video calling apps, everyone has easy access to social media. Free chat apps like NEEO Messenger, enable smooth connectivity on a global level. People who are looking for an excuse to procrastinate can scroll through random posts, stalk unlimited users, post visual or written content on their walls them check the comments. For some people, social media is an escape from their unfavorable life circumstances. For others, it is a medium for sharing thrilling experiences with the world. Social media can have an unfavorable impact on productivity in the real world if used aimlessly.

  1. Seems like a matter of minutes:

While at work, there could be other distractions, such as, reading an online book or watching an online program. However, a book or program would take more time and concentration so social media seems like a more viable option. You probably imagine your self-licensed break is going to last a couple of minutes. What you don't realize is that while you're scrolling through pictures, videos, and other content you lose track of time. You realize that what seemed like a short break took away more than half an hour of your valuable time. You should time your breaks to keep a check on usage.

  • No escape from multi-tasking:

Sometimes we use free chat apps, not by will but because it’s a job requirement. Even while working in the same office space, important messages are shared in official chat groups. You could be more productive if you shut off all your apps and focused on the task at hand. But if you miss a message regarding an urgent meeting or miss a call from a client, you could end up in a lot of trouble. The trick is to learn how to multi-task.  Train yourself to be alert in the physical world and to keep an eye open for important notifications on social media but ignore unnecessary bits of news.

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  • Prevents in-depth thinking:

A lot of people believe that the use of social media alongside work stimulates and boosts their creativity. This may be true to some extent but overuse of social media can at times hinder the flow of creative juices. For the in-depth analysis of a concept, you need to brainstorm, think hard and focus. Instead of using social media as a stimulus, a better option would be to discuss the concept with team members. Everyone will have slightly varying perspectives which will help you understand the concept better.

  • Any form of addiction is harmful:

Dopamine is a hormone which when released gives your mood a boost and makes you feel elated. Drugs and drinking are popular triggers for the release of dopamine, however, social media can have a similar effect. According to research social media is addictive. We often find ourselves feeling euphoric while watching the number of, ‘likes’ and ‘hearts’, grow on a post we shared. It makes us feel on top of the world. There’s one compliment, then two and then it goes on and you just can’t resist. People keep commenting and you stay glued to the screen, neglecting other important tasks. If you can’t sign out, switch off notifications for your posts when you have a deadline to meet.

  • Worst distraction for students:

Whereas social media might help prevent some people from getting dull at work, it can be lethal for students when they are having their exams. Most children, before the age of eighteen, have impressionable minds. They seem to care a lot about what other people think and can sometimes get carried away with their thoughts. If someone passes a mean remark on one of their posts they can take it to heart and brood over it for several days. Social media can be a major source of heartache and can keep students from giving an adequate amount of time to their studies. They should be kept away from social media for at least a week before their exams begin.

  • Turns you into a couch potato:

Excessive use of video calling apps keeps you from being physically active in the real world. You might sound great on text and call but how do you look in real life? Even with good looks, you can't make much of an impression on anyone if you look unfit and sloppy. Instead of focusing all your energies on creating the perfect social media image you should invest more time in working out and improving your health. After a long chat online when someone finally decides to meet you, you don’t want to give them an unpleasant shock! Social media is both a punishment and a reward. If used wisely it can improve your standard of living. With NEEO Messenger, the video calling app, you can make uninterrupted crystal clear calls to your colleagues and seniors. This free chat app comes with several colorful features to explore your aesthetic side. Keep yourself updated through social media but don’t become a passive observer. Be an active participant in all aspects of your life outside the virtual world.

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