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Exercise Neutralizes the Effects of Christmas Excesses Even If You Put On Weight

1. Exercise reduces more than just excess energy.

2. A short period of overconsumption and reduced physical activity results in "very deep" negative changes in various physiological systems.

3. Daily physical activity prevents many negative changes despite gaining weight.

Come Christmas and its excesses. It is not the best time for our health. If you can to moderate the excess food of these porridges and who does not always gain through exercise. A new study confirms that daily exercise reduces many short-term adverse physiological effects of overeating and lack of activity. You can check the full Plexaderm reviews to know more about the product

Previous studies have found that even a few days of absorbing excess energy when consumed more calories than burning, they bring adverse health consequences. This new analysis, published in The Journal of Physiology, shows that a daily exercise activity generates great physiological benefits, even when consuming thousands of more calories than one burn since exercise gets more than just reducing the excess of energy.

"This new research shows that the idea is more sophisticated than the elimination of power only: exercise has positive effects, even when we are actively storing energy and increasing weight," says one of the researchers of this analysis, Professor James Betts, University of Bath, United Kingdom.

In the study, asked 26 young and healthy men were generally inactive in their daily activities and they ate too much. Then half of the group conducted the daily exercise on a treadmill for 45 minutes.

After only a week of eating in excess, participants in the supervised study showed poor control of blood sugar levels and your fat cells expressed genes that give rise to unhealthy metabolic changes and altered nutritional balance. However, these negative effects were significantly lower in those who exercised.

According to other authors of this book, Jean-Philippe Perilleux, research shows that a short period of overconsumption and reduction of physical activity leads to "very deep negative" changes in a variety of physiological systems, but an activity daily exercise to stop most of these negative changes.

In the group that did not increase caloric sport by 50%, while for the assets increase 75% caloric, so the daily net excess energy of all was the same.

After a week, the non-exercise group showed a significant and unhealthy reduction in its blood sugar control and their fat-cell-related genes overrepresented unhealthy metabolic changes and had low expression of genes involved in the proper functioning of the metabolism. However, the exercise experienced a stable blood sugar level and your fat cells showed a lower "undesirable" gene expression.

According to perilous, short-term overeating and reduced physical activity had a "dramatic" impact on participants overall metabolic health and several key fatty tissue genes, while exercise prevents these negative changes even though the power continue to store.

"If they are confronted with a period of excessive consumption and sedentary lifestyle, which is probably very common at Christmas time, our study shows that daily exercise prevents many negative changes occur as you increase weight, Says Dylan Thompson, lead author of the study.

The effects are obvious, but more studies are needed to know the underlying causes, according to the authors of the study. Conclusions can probably apply to other groups, such as women and the elderly.

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