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Expert guide on Greenlight Debit Card Review

Greenlight is a prepaid debit card that allows its users to shop online through a variety of websites. The company fees range between $2-$3 and depending on your location, you can buy up to 20 cards. This review is meant to help people who are interested in the card read up and purchase it. I have personally used the about it first before they go ahead card for about a year now and did not encounter any problems with it at all. This is my review of the service, and you can make your choices based on how well I rated each category below:

What Does The Card Look Like?

The card comes with a plastic casing around it so it feels more like a normal card than it does just a piece of plastic. It has no brand on the front and looks pretty simple. However, upon flipping it over you can see that it is a prepaid debit card that comes with great benefits such as being able to shop online.

The Benefits Of Having A Greenlight Debit Card:

There are tons of benefits to having a Greenlight debit card, and most of these benefits have already been mentioned on the website. The primary one being that you can shop online using it. It also saves people traveling abroad from carrying cash around in foreign countries, as well as gives them a way to withdraw or deposit back into their local bank account.

Getting Your Card And Activating It:

The Greenlight card comes very quickly after ordering it online. I ordered mine around Christmas time and received it in the mail a few days later. After I got the card, I just stuck it into my PC's USB port and installed their software on my computer. This way, every time when I shop online, I don't have to type in my credit card information, but instead, just enter the CVV code on the back of my card .

I made about three purchases with it and then had to activate it. When you make your first purchase using a debit card like Greenlight, you must activate it in order for future transactions to go through. It happened to me after I made my second purchase with it, and all I had to do was call their automated number and enter some numbers which they sent me in a text message. Then, you just have to wait for the text message that reads "Successful activation of Greenlight Debit Card!"

How Easy Is This Card To Use?

I find using this debit card very easy. You can use it practically anywhere, and I mostly use mine either to buy or rent movies online through sites such as Amazon, Netflix, etc. It takes just a few seconds before you get access to your movie or game. One thing that confused me at first was when it came to ordering a game from Steam, I had to change my billing address on that website from the one provided by Greenlight. In fact, all websites designed for buying games or movies with credit cards are useless with this card.

However, at least you can use it for regular shopping online such as anything through Amazon or Best Buy. Overall, it is a lot better than using your actual credit card online, and I feel much safer because of the CVV code.

Ending lines:

Would I recommend this card to others? Absolutely! It is a great substitute for cash and therefore makes it easier to make purchases online. As long as you are not one of those people who like spending more than they have, then this is a fantastic card to get. You can buy it from the link provided in my bio or from the website. I hope you found this article informative, and if so, feel free to give it a like and share the link with others. Also, don't forget to hit "Follow" because I will release more articles like this in the future!

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