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Expert Guide To Select Right Air Compressor For Your Industrial Needs

There is a wide range of options available when it comes to buying an air compressor for your business. However, choosing the right one which meets all the demands of your industrial application can be a tedious task. For example, an air compressor that does not match the power requirements of your process will dampen the system and reduce its efficiency.


Hence, it is crucial to know all about the factors which affect the functionality of an air compressor and choose the one which meets all your requirements. In this article, we will discuss all those factors which you should keep in mind while buying an air compressor in UAE.




1. Stationary or Portable?


Your industrial application will define whether the air compressor you need has to be permanently installed at one place or has to be shifted now and then. Some applications do require the air compressor to be moved every now and then from one place to another. Many people don’t consider this factor seriously. However, the material of the air compressor that you choose will depend on the environment in which it is to be installed.


For inside and stationary applications you want a material that should be resistant to chemical exposure. However, for outdoor or movable applications, resistance to humidity is more desired.


2. Core Process


The core process of the industrial application defines the type of drive needed. This then defines the power requirements of the air compressor. Where you use your commercial air compressor will also play a role in the type of drive you need it to have. Electric motor based compressors are more suited for stable operations while Variable Frequency Drives find better applications in outdoor and intermittent applications.


3. CFM and PSI


Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) is a common unit to measure the airflow and therefore, the power required in the process. You need to check the CFM of the air compressor that you buy, whether a rotary compressor or a screw compressor and make sure that it matches the power demands of your operation. 


Psi stands for pounds per square inch and is used to measure the amount of pressure a compressor can produce. You should always buy a compressor with a PSI level higher than the highest tolerance limit of your tool.


4. Horsepower


Once the CFM and PSI ratings are taken care of, the next thing you should look at should be the running horsepower of the compressor. This decides the RPM suited for the compressor to run at. Another important characteristic to look at along with the horsepower is the duty cycle of the process. The duty cycle defines the periods of on and off during the process. An air compressor should be able to provide the right amount of horsepower for the entire duty cycle. Taking this fact into consideration, the right decision can be taken regarding which air compressor to buy.


4. Electrical Requirements


This again might sound trivial but can cause huge problems if not taken care of at the initial stages. The electrical specifications of the power supply that you receive and the electrical specifications of the compressor should be compatible. The frequency of working, voltage stability, and power surges should be taken care of.


5. Tank Size


The storage tank, also known as the receiver, plays an important part in the entire operation of an air compressor. Larger tanks are helpful when an immediate demand for pressurization comes up or when you want to optimize the operation.


Choose an air compressor that has a larger tank. The ideal size should be at least 5 gallons per CFM required for the operation. However, if you are going to use the air compressor only for short bursts, then you can go for a smaller tank size too. This is true for both the rotary compressor and the rotary screw compressor.


6. Costs


This is a no brainer as buying a new air compressor is an investment and should always be done within the limits of the budget set for the project. Hence, it becomes imperative that apart from seeing to the above factors, one should also go for the most cost-effective choice while buying an air compressor.



The factors mentioned above will guide you in buying the best air compressor for your industrial application. You should always go for big brands like AtlasCopco where you won’t have to worry about the parameters or specifications. Each and everything mentioned above is taken care of and your entire experience of buying an air compressor becomes hassle-free. One does not require to know all the technical details of an air compressor before buying one however, keeping the above points in mind while going out to buy a new one will surely help you in your endeavor.


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