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Expert Tips to Boost Your Electronic Car’s Driving Range!

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You are a speed-loving person if you own an electronic car. Though most of them provide you more than 200 miles on a single charge, the pressure of decreasing speed is often faced by electronic car owners. And the primary cause of the same can be your battery giving up on you! But fortunately, enough the slow working of your car can be treated quite easily, and you can get the same thrill of speeding your vehicle on roads even with a single charge.

Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Electronic Car’s Driving Range!

After getting frustrated of the weak performance of your electronic car, you would have read lots of articles on the internet to get it running wildly again. Most of them may have passed over your head! So, we have listed below some of the easiest ways which would increase your car’s range impressively well giving you a better driving experience.

  • Go Smooth — Well, let’s put it simply! Zig zag rides and rash driving are best left to movies. If you try going rash on your accelerator, your battery is going to drain really fast. This obviously impacts your car’s driving range largely.
  • Be a Little Slow — We know speeding is so exciting - but do understand that when you slow down, your battery retains good amount of charge. And high speed also impacts the life of your charger and engine creating a trouble for you too frequently.
  • Charge and Boost your Car’s Battery — If you are regular about charging your engine each time you visit a mechanic, then you can be assured of the good range you’d be getting from your electronic car. And if it still lags in speed and performance, opt for electronic boost controller from Quickbitz. They’ll offer you the most suitable boost controller to increase the performance of your chargers and give you a better, speedier, and smoother driving experience.
  • Less Pressure on the Car’s Heater — If you are completely dependent on your electrical vehicle’s heater and use it constantly for too long, you are impacting your battery largely. Instead, better divide the pressure by using heaters available for seats and steering wheels which would ultimately lessen your pressure on the vehicle’s heater, leading to a better life of the battery.
  • Be Careful of the Tyres — An electronic car with less tyre air pressure would certainly increase the workload of your battery. Thus, if you want to keep your range going on well, better check your tyres and upgrade the tyres regularly.
  • Keep Your Car Light — Even a new driver would suggest you travel light and keep your car free of any loads. For example, if you have lots of junk in the back seats, or if you are thinking of fixing a carrier above the car, keep in mind that it would impact your car’s battery and ultimately the performance of the vehicle. The lighter you are, the better your battery stays and the more range your electronic car gives you.

No wonder electronic cars can be a pride to own and each ride on this vehicle seems super smooth and swift. But only one thing hinders this experience drastically, and that’s an issue in the battery or slower speed. Now that you have the above tips, even this issue is sorted. So you can enjoy the seamless experience in your vehicle again for long.


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