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Explained: How WFH Has Affected Back Office Jobs in Mumbai

What are Back Office Jobs?

Back office executives are the backbone of business management in a company. The back office executives work on upkeeping the financial records of the company, arranging and answering all the official faxes and phone calls correctly, joint administrative work with the front office staff and looking on for employee’s needs in relation to the company. The corporate sector is a hub for employment opportunities for the prospective and talented chunk of people. There are many posts designated to supervise the three tiers of the company. The back office jobs in Mumbai is one such position that offers a vivid exposure to the candidates.

The back office executives do not work directly in contact with the clients. However, the back end executives help the front office staff to meet the client based needs. While many are searching for back office jobs in Mumbai, the COVID crisis has led the opportunities to a standstill. Despite having the required qualifications and internship based experiences, people are facing issues to spot their dream back office jobs in Mumbai.

Before jumping on with the reasons for lower employment rate of back office jobs in Mumbai, have a look into the concept of the role and responsibilities of the executives in this department.

Duties and responsibilities of Back Office Executives

Back office is one of the prudent jobs that serves to be a binding force of all managerial operations in an enterprise.

There are various roles and accountability criteria followed by the personnel working at the designation of back office. The executives:

  1. Manage the free flow of managerial activities in a company along with the sales team and marketing team.
  2. Works with the departmental staff to carry out a flawless functioning of the administrative tasks.
  3. Do a careful run through of the latest alterations and developments in the market. This will help the top level management to measure the overall performance of their company in the market. 
  4. Aids in meeting the business based requirements, look into the office premises, keep a track of the equipment, managing important meetings, webinars, seminars and official seatings.
  5. Responsible for doing the checks and balances by drafting the customer balance sheet. Pertaining to the customer details, reconciliation accounts are being made to settle the financial adversities.
  6. Also assists the main sales team to prepare the individual client's account. 
  7. Make a cognizant documentation report on the everyday performance of the marketing department. The report equally measures the flaws in the department and comes with measures to settle them.
  8. Carry out competitor product analysis.
  9. Do regular checks on customer’s account issues.
  10. Keep a chronological record of products ordered in the company by the employees.
  11. Carries interview sessions with HR.
  12. Train the newcomers or interns with the basic executive roles. 

In addition to duties and responsibilities, before moving ahead with back office jobs in Mumbai, get a glimpse of the qualifications required to be a back office representative.

The primary qualifications required to be a back office executive is based on the managerial role you want to take. Initially, a high school credential is what you will need to go forth with the Bachelor's degree. Once you attain the degree, you will have to complete the master's degree preferably in a management discipline. You can also do an additional computer course as some sections of back office jobs involve data entry tasks, IT programming and database related tasks.

Did WFH affect the employment scale and probability of job opportunities in Mumbai?


Back office personnel also maintain a month wise record of the financial transactions between the company and its clients. Source: Pinterest

Back office jobs in Mumbai were once a famous choice for newcomers. Despite possessing the required skill set and professionalism, candidates are not able to clinch their desired back office jobs in Mumbai. The unprecedented crisis made cut offs in the basic salary,

sacked the most percentage of the office staff, activated the work from home technique and discarded additional perks or allowances from the employee’s account. 

The answer to the question: Did WFH affect the employment scale and probability of job opportunities in Mumbai? lies in a big yes! There are primarily five sectors where an aspirant can apply for back office jobs in Mumbai, they are:

  • Human resources
  • Operations
  • IT
  • Accounting
  • Compliance

By applying to any one of these sectors, the candidates can get placed in top companies situated pan-India. Back office jobs in Mumbai generally have a good pay scale of  INR 8000 to 1,500,000, but after the advent of the pandemic, offices lessened the number of recruitments for this designation. This led to two undesirable factors:

  1. The pay range got reduced for each employee, making it difficult for the employees to keep up to their basic needs and pay the bills.
  2. Sacking the majority of the office staff, ones who were termed as ‘additional’ or ‘extra’ staff by the topmost officials.

Work from home had resulted in a decline in availability of back office jobs in Mumbai. However with advancement of technology, various companies and outlets have entered into the global platform to help the ones seeking jobs and employment opportunities.

WorkIndia is one such platform that will help the interested candidates to grab the best ever back office jobs in Mumbai. With segregated columns indicating the job poster profile, salary expectations, location etc. back office jobs in Mumbai on WorkIndia is a time saving search for free! The online platform is even the first choice of employers who seek bright candidates for their company. The milestones achieved by WorkIndia are:

  • More than 15 million job seekers.
  • More than 2 million calls are exchanged by candidates every month.
  • More than 300 thousand variants of jobs are posted by employers every month.

The final verdict

Back office representatives are found everywhere in the premises of an organisation. The work from home might have resulted in certain layoffs but where there is a will, there is a way! A little research backed with a tinge of patience is all you need to clinch the best back office jobs in Mumbai city. Remember, that this designation is quite multifaceted. In case you cannot manage to get the technology roles in an enterprise, the accounting function and other managerial roles are always an option for you.

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