Explore the Pros and Cons of Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


Time is changing and the world is evolving. We have so many things to make our lives easier that no one can count on.Bottom freezer refrigerators are one of the perfect examples to appreciate creativity.

If you are also planning to update your kitchen appliances including the refrigerator, the bottom freezer refrigerator may serve all your needs. But before you finalize any style or model, must go through the hidden corners of this newer refrigerator. You must have an idea that whether the refrigerator you are going to select is perfect or is a misfit in your kitchen. So, here we have summarized the top pros and cons of bottom freezer refrigerators for your ease. Let’s explore it!

Top 5 Pros – Bottom freezer


Bottom freezer refrigerators give you the convenience to search the foods. Sometimes, the food you place at the bottom of a regular fridge is lost and you can not find that. It not only results in wastage of food but also causes smell in the refrigerator. But in this new type, you can easily keep and search the food items.

Space saver

These refrigerators are space savers and give you more room to keep things. If you already have a side-by-side refrigerator, you can easily compare how difficult it is to keep large sized pizza or family platters in this. But bottom freezers, you can adjust as much as you want without much hustle.

Variable temperature for eatables

One of the best advantages of bottom freezer refrigerators is the variable temperature of different drawers. Like if you want to chill the drinks, juices, water bottles, or sodas, you can set its temperature as per your need. Most importantly, some models of the best bottom freezer refrigerators have crisper drawers for vegetables that keep the green fresh for longer.

The fridge at eye level

The fridge is the most used part of the refrigerator and in the bottom freezer refrigerator, it is absolutely at your eye level. You can easily see what is left in the fruits and how many soft drinks are there in the bucket. So, if you want to have all the things in range, go for a bottom freezer refrigerator.

Built-in organizers

What could be more satisfying than a properly managed refrigerator? The bottom freezer refrigerator has come up with the solution. You can customize the space with a swing-door or pull drawers. There are many buckets and shelves in the bottom freezer refrigerator that keep your fridge well managed and organized.

Top 5 Cons – Bottom freezer refrigerator

It is costly!

This is one of the main drawbacks of bottom freezers that they cost much. But you know novelty comes with the price. If you want to have a uniqueness in your kitchen, you have to spend a little more. Although the exact price depends on the size or brand that you select but overall, the bottom freezer refrigerators are expensive than normal freezers.

Energy efficiency

When you count the expense of bottom freezers, it does not stop at a high price rate. Many of the bottom freezer refrigerators need French door access for the top access. This style is not energy efficient as compared to other designs and you have to extra pay on the monthly basis.

More load is at the bottom

As you know that we store food in the freezer comparatively for a longer period than fridges. Mostly the food is also in bulk and when it freezes, it gets heavier. This heavy load can cause bending of the lower portion of the freezer. So, if you want to buy this style of the freezer, keep this fact in your mind that store food up to a limited extent and do not store for longer periods.

Accessible to kids

Kids hunt for the food and they can reach the stuff that you have stored to use later. So, if you have naught kids, make sure you have a check on the refrigerator. On a serious note, this is also dangerous for kids to hit with a heavy frozen food packet.

Alarming for backache

If you have a bad back and is difficult for you to lift heavy things, you may not buy this freezer. As frozen foods like hams or turkeys are quite heavy and for elderly people, it gets more problematic.

So, do not overlook these advantages and disadvantages of bottom freezer refrigerators before buying.