Explore Wellness Retreat in Thailand

wellness retreat in Thailand

Since 2013, Thailand has become one of the most visited countries by tourists. Its attractions including the serene beaches, traditional Buddhism temples, archaeological sites, yoga, and wellness treatments, Thai massage, etc. have been alluring the tourists. For the same reason, a wellness retreat in Thailand will be an impressive affair.

A wellness retreat is just another yoga retreat in Thailand where a person gets to practice yoga and along with it gets a range of wellness treatments as well. To plan a wellness retreat it isn’t necessary that you need to know yoga; a retreat embraces everyone be it an amateur or a yoga practitioner. But you may want to make up mind that during your retreat you may get involved in yoga deeply which may pull you to learn more about yoga.

Let us now explore some of the best places for wellness retreat in Thailand:

1.Kamalaya Yoga Synergy

Kamalaya situated in the midst of a valley is one of the most renowned places that offer spa wellness retreats to their clients as per their requirement. The soothing environment of this place is surrounded by lily ponds and transforming forests. The calming energy of this place is received from the cave temples at the heart of Kamalaya that are meditation and spiritual retreat for Buddhist monks. This wellness retreat cites various programmes which include detox rejuvenation, de-stress treatments, mindful triathlon, sleep enhancement, structural revival, etc.


2.Soneva Kiri

Soneva is settled on the fringed hills along with a bay that gives you the experience of a luxurious wellness retreat. They offer 7day-10 day and 14 day yoga retreat programs which includes yoga consultation before initiating the program. This is followed by personalized yoga and pranayama sessions depending on whether you are an amateur or a veteran. Apart from these, you may relish relaxing in the spa with six senses signature treatments including Reiki, Thai massages, fitness and health sessions and sports activities such as kickboxing and fit ball exercises, etc.

3.Absolute Sanctuary

This wellness retreat is perfect for those who love spending time on the beach. Also, if you are unaware of the ABC’s of yoga then this place is the absolute destination to win you over the same. It proposes a special introduction to yoga session for first-timers along with different styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Yin, Yin-Yang, Hatha, Pranayama, Meditation, Hot, flow, yoga pilots, etc. which is the main magnetizing point of many yoga practitioners as well.


This health and fitness dedicated wellness retreat is located alongside the coast of Hua Hin. ChivaSom offers a blend of different styles of yoga and pranayama sessions along with Ayurveda cleansing. This combination of yoga and Ayurveda promotes a comprehensive healing program along with meditation and other facilities. In order to offer luxurious events, it also cites signature treatments with amazing spa facilities that ensure general well-being and relaxation and rejuvenation.


This wellness retreat is located in a private area ringed by coconut trees and tropical wildlife. The beautiful waterfalls, as well as its cultural temples, are a treat for the eyes. Samahita combines other workouts along with core yoga cycles such as cardio training, meditation, etc. They also offer other programs along with physical training that includes weight loss, detox, and self-care, etc. The luxury spa in Samahita will amaze you with its perfect blend of modern technology and ancient Ayurveda treatments for the complete revival of physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Though these places offer much more than what is being said and to experience the same plan a yoga retreat in Thailand to experience the same.