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Exploring Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a scenic town located at the foot of komodo national park. It boasts of a small natural deep harbour and friendly people that are everywhere you go. Unlike many other towns across the Bali Island, Labuan Bajo does not attract as many tourists but for those that visit, there is a lot to see. The small town has two main roads with one going up the hill and the other running alongside the beautiful beach.

As local as the town is, it has a few excellent hotels that cater for the number of visitors that visit the port. It is also one of the major departure ports for the most amazing liveaboard cruise trips. The cruise takes its visitors through the island of Flores, where the town is located to wonderful and unforgettable island hopping adventures. Flores Island is part of the Indonesian Archipelago Islands and it boasts of volcanoes, beautiful mountains and a lot more.

Activities at Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is an excellent departure point for the Ayana Lako di’a and other liveaboards because from here you can visit many other surrounding islands. The day trips take you to some of the most amazing diving sites where you can practice some scuba diving and snorkelling. The town is also the gateway of the Komodo Forest, which boasts of some of the unique animal species in the world.

Among the animals, that many of the visitors flock the island to see is the famous Komodo lizard. Another attraction in Labuan Bajo is the Turtle Conservation Scheme that also attracts many visitors. Kayaking through the national park is also another interesting part of the adventure trips to take in this town.

Watching the sunset while taking a drink, is also another experience that many people love to do here.  The breath taking view of the sunset gives out beautiful colours that all you want is to capture the moments. Besides watching the sunset from a liveaboard, there are many other places you can catch the same from other parts of the town.

Languages spoken

Bahasa Indonesia is the main spoken language in Labuan Bajo but quite a good number of the residents speak English. This means that wherever you go, you will find people that understand you if you are from an English speaking country. There are different communities occupying the town and they all speak different local languages. Bahasa is easy to learn and if you have time, you can spend a few hours with local inhabitants to learn more.

Best time to visit Labuan Bajo

There are no restrictions for the best time to visit the town as there are activities taking place throughout the year. However, if you want to have great unforgettable experiences, the best time to visit is between the months of March and October.

Labuan Bajo weather

You also need to know the weather patterns of the town in order to know what to carry or how to dress. Just as the rest of the Indonesian towns, Labuan Bajo experiences tropical climate. This means that gets the wet and dry seasons. The winds in the town though are stronger than they are in many other towns because of the towns close proximity to the coast. The dry season in the town is longer than the wet season that comes between December and March.

Hotels in Labuan Bajo

One of the things you can count on while visiting the town is the availability of budget friendly hotels. If you want more luxury, you can stay at the Ayana resort and spa that comes with many adventurous and exciting offers

How to get to Labuan Bajo

The easiest way to get to the town is through the Bali International Airport. Though there are no international flights that fly directly to Labuan Bajo, there are smaller connecting aircrafts that take you from the airport to the town’s airport. You can enjoy at least six or more flights a day from the international airport to Labuan Bajo airport.

Wrapping it up

As mall as Labuan Bajo is, it has a lot to offer in terns of scenic views, culture, local networking, beaches cruise experiences, water spots and much more. It is a place worth putting on your travel list for your next visit, as it will be worthwhile.

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