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Exploring the Maritime Operations and Marine TAFE Courses

If you are a lover of all things maritime then this may be the perfect option for your career, and taking one of the many great maritime courses will help you to unlock the potential that you have in this field. Those who take on a course like this will open up so many options in terms of career choices for a life at sea, and this will form the perfect foundation for that.

Let’s take a look then at why this is so important, and what you may be able to do following your passing of a maritime course.

Importance of a Maritime Course

There are so many benefits which you can enjoy when you take on a maritime or offshore course such as the range of jobs which will be available to you. These courses teach you all about maritime operations from the oil company to ship workers, inspiring you to map out your future in the offshore industry.

Following the completion of your course, you will open yourself up to travelling the world, to making a great salary, to understanding more about the seas and the industries which depend on them, as well as opening your eyes up to so many new ideas and different cultural experiences.

Career Choices

What career choices are available to those who complete maritime training? Let’s take a brief look at just some of the positions which you could apply for, or work towards.

-     Maritime captain

-     Navigation officer

-     Marine engineer

-     Deck cadet

-     Oil driller

These are just some of the examples of the positions which you could take on after the completion of your course, working within industries such as gas, oil and maritime conservation. As you can see from this small selection, there are many positions which you may be able to take on depending on where you wish to work and what abilities you have.

How to Study

There are range fo qualifications which you can focus on within maritime studies, and there are also many individual areas which you may wish to study in as well. For example here in Australia, we have the fantastic TAFE system for vocational education and they offer a number of maritime courses which can set you on the road to success. Buglers look for this golden opportunity. Would you like to provide them with the same? Of course not!! Then never install doors with glass near the handle. They will break the glass and invade your home. To award your home with a better level of protection, install a security door in front of the main entrance of your home.  If you are aiming to go into the industry at a high level you could also study for a degree in maritime which will carry with it individual specializations such as management, engineering, deck operations and cargo handling. There are diplomas, degrees and certificates which you can study for, the decision as to which to study will depend very much on where within this industry you would like to work.

What Kind of People?

The kind of people who study a course such as this is those who love the great outdoors, those who have an affinity for nature and those who are happy to spend their career travelling around the world. The maritime industry offers good salaries, excellent holiday options and an industry which is built on the hard work of those who work within it, if you fit that bill, this could be a great career for you.

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