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Exterior Color Cues - Ways to Pick Home Exterior Paint Color

If you didn’t know this already, your home’s exteriors are a part of your personality, just as important as your interiors. Why?

They bring out what you want to tell the neighborhood, as well as increase its value. After all, this is the first impression, making or breaking your home’s curb appeal. That’s why it’s important to look into the colors and paint you use. But just like choosing the colors for your home’s interiors, I know how confusing it can be figuring out what colors suit your home’s exteriors well.

So, read on to find out how to pick your home’s exterior paint colors before getting companies like Wilko Painting Brisbane to work on your home!

How to Pick Your Home’s Exterior Paint Colors

Can’t tell what colors match and what will best to show who you are as a homeowner? Follow these tips:

  1. What’s Your Home and Neighborhood’s Style?

You don’t need to be bound to tradition, of course, though your home’s style can help give guidance as you select housepaint colors. You wouldn’t want to place pastel colors on ranch-style homes, or bold colors in Victorian houses!

Look into your home’s overall style and design, matching it with the appropriate colors to increase its attractiveness and exude its true style. But besides your home, also receive inspiration from your neighborhood, which can show possible paint colors you can use.

Do you live in a neighborhood with historic-style homes or newer areas with more dominant or modern themes? Observe your neighborhood and home’s style, which can give you the starting point.

I recommend that you look around other neighborhoods as well, snapping photos of their exterior color palettes that you think you’ll like. You can also check out homes that look similar to yours and gain inspiration from it, too!

  1. Don’t (Always) Follow the Trends 

You’re probably tempted to choose paint colors that suit today’s trends, just like you would choose trendy clothes, furniture, shoes, and whatnot. However, the new hot hue today may not be cool tomorrow, and you’ll end up regretting the design as it didn’t really suit your home as you think it did when the trend was on its prime!

For example, people were all about painting their house brown or with eccentric colors, however that trend stopped shortly after. So, don’t do the same with colors like gray or charcoal, because chances are, that trend will die down and you’ll be spending more time and money changing it to something you truly like for the long run.

  1. Look at Your Home

Your home most likely has a few hues you can include in your exterior home’s color scheme. You might have brick or stone as its foundation, rood, or window trim, which can serve as your color base. 

Existing fixed colors in your home have a good influence as you select paint colors since you can’t ignore what the house has and go for trendy colors that don’t suit its style. It may end up looking odd!

Besides existing colors, your house’s size will influence the way colors look. Residences that are large with a dark color may end up looking ominous and/or foreboding, while lighter color schemes in smaller houses result in homes that don’t feel grounded.

Furthermore, your landscape is an important factor as well! Natural landscapes would inspire colors that are pastel, soft neutrals, or seafoam green. Formal landscapes can dictate stronger accents and colors.

  1. Rely on the Color Wheel

Successful home color combos utilize three hues: One dominant shade with two accents, one that’s usually brighter and/or richer than the other. 

If you’re not confident with choosing colors, use the color guidelines from color wheels. Hues in the same family are called monochromatic, hues next to one another are analogous, while those opposite from one another are complementary.

  1. Test Before Anything

Once you have chosen your possible colors for your home exterior, the next thing to do is to test it all out! Collect color samples of your chosen hues, then paint in large swaths, viewing them during different times of day, night, and in sun and shadow. 

If you’re still undecided, have friends and family, especially those in the design industry, to check and vote for a color that suits your house the most! Outside observers can help you choose the perfect home color that looks attractive.

Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to experience so much trouble trying to figure out what your home’s exteriors paint colors should be! With these tips, you can make your home look beautiful while showing your personality. So, don’t wait any longer and follow these ways for better curb appeal.

Let me know what you think of this article in the comments section below, and share your own tips as well!

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
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