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Extreme Tummy and Waist Control Shaper for Different Body Types

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God has created all bodies with perfect shapes. No one is alike or less than the other. Almost all bodies come in unique and beautiful varieties. Some are tall, others are short while some are fat, others are slim, and many more. It is very difficult to categorize all bodies differently upon all characteristics. However, in the case of body types, there are five major categories:

a.                   Rectangle-shaped 

b.                  Apple-shaped 

c.                   Pear-shaped 

d.                  Diamond-shaped

e.                   Hourglass-shaped

All of these are described below in detail.

Extreme Tummy and Waist Control Shaper

Not all are the Same!

Just like no two individual body types are exactly alike, not every piece of Extreme Tummy and Waist Control Shaper is meant to give the same function. All of them are specified according to varied body figures and their relative requirements. Whether the shape of your body is apple, pear, rectangular, diamond, or hourglass, body shapers come in the market in a huge variety.

Besides shape, they also vary in their colors, size, styles, designs, material, quality, and many more. Whatever you opt to buy readily upon the figure of your body and your selection choice. But remember to opt for the one that is multi-functional and suits you the most.

Different Body Shapes and Their Relative Shapewears Suggestions

Determining the right shape of your body is an essential thing. You can dress well if you don’t know it. Understanding it not only helps you in your fashion sense but also in getting the best body shaper for you. Therefore, given below is a guide that will help you in discovering your shape and determining the most feasible undergarments for your needs and requirements.

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Rectangle Figure 

Alternatively known as “Boyish”, “Ruler”, “Sporty” or “Straight up and down”, it is an athletic body figure type that normally has almost the same breast, waist, and hip measurements. Moreover, such individuals possess small size breast, long arms and legs, and a slightly undefined waistline. That is why they don’t look Feminine enough and need to wear some waist trainers under bodycon dress for getting attractive body curves. In addition to them, some high-rise briefs also prove functional for them.

Apple Shaped Body

If you have got an ample bust and a full midsection with a rounded tummy, then it shows that your body is apple-shaped. Another characteristic feature is that people possessing an apple body have narrow shoulders and hips. That clearly indicates that such individuals carry most of their body weight in the midsection. So, for them, a shaping camisole or an extreme tummy and waist control shaper play a significant role. Both of them not only boost the bust and bum region but also slim tummy to fit them in all clothing styles.

Pear Body Figure  

As the name implies, people having a rocking small bust, narrow shoulders, round bottom, a well-defined waist, and full hips are said to have a pear body. This type of body is also known as the triangle type. Individuals having this shaped body have thighs and hips greater than their upper top half.

So, they tend to opt for some waist trainers under bodycon dress and thigh and leg slimmers like Leggings. They not only streamline the lower abdominal region by eliminating irregular bumps and lumps but also make pear body individuals stand out from all others in their competition.

Diamond Body Type 

A diamond body has somehow comparable characteristics to an apple figure. That means similar to them, individuals having diamond shapes possess slimmer arms and calves. Most of their body weight tends to gather in their mid-section including the bust, stomach, waist, thigh, and hips, which give them an overall healthier appearance.

Moreover, their hip region is broader than the shoulder and bust area which creates a big problem of dressing in stylish clothes. So, for this reason, such individuals require extreme tummy and waist control shapers to have a slender and beautiful appearance. They not only compress the excess fat present in the mid-region but also slim problematic body parts attracting everyone around in their vicinity.

Hourglass Shape Body

An hourglass figure is widely acknowledged as the best body type. You are really a lucky lady if you own the characteristics of this shape like you possess shoulders and hip measurements corresponding to each other, and your waist is naturally contoured.

Individuals with such kind of body tend to put all their weight evenly on all the body parts without any troublesome areas like the saddlebags and bumpy thighs. Therefore, they do not require any waist trainers under bodycon dress. Rather they utilize shapewears just to streamline their figure and enhance natural curves.

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Where to shop?

Now after determining your right body shape and the appropriate undergarments for you, you might be looking for a reliable place to shop for your needs. There are already many shops and stores in the market selling a huge variety of them. However, one of the most trustworthy places for their shopping is Hidethatfat. There you can have an extensive collection of all the diverse ready-to-wear shapewears within your pocket range.  



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