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Eyelash Extensions Can Make A Big Difference

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Unlike the temporary lashes that we all know, eyelash extensions are very different. They are applied professionally on each one of your natural lashes. A semi-permanent glue is used to keep them in place for a couple of weeks. Extensions are designed to make your lashes longer.

There are different eyelash extensions that you can get. For example, you can check out the 2d eyelash extensions in Sydney at Fancy Lash or other types, if you are interested. Before you get your lashes done it is important that you do your research on the technicians’ experience.

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Eyelash extensions make a big difference 

The price of the lash extensions will also vary depending on where you are having them done as well as the type of extensions you want. In most cases the price will be around $100, but as it was mentioned, this all really depends.

Do your research!

Before you visit just a random place where you can have your lashes done, you should do your research. Lucky for us, today we can find all the necessary information online, so check out their website, and the client reviews as well. You could also ask your friends for overall recommendations. 

The first appointment that you will have will also be the longest, and it will take around 90 minutes. You need to arrive to your appointment without any makeup on your eyes. Since the appointment will take so long, you can always listen to music, or have a book on tape to listen to. Before the procedure, your technician will discuss the outcome you are trying to achieve.

The procedure

As you come to your appointment and choose the type of lash extensions that you would like, your technician will tell you to lay down on your back. Once you get comfortable, you will close your eyes, and keep them closed until the end of the procedure. Since the procedure lasts long, you should try to relax as much as you can. 

This can be a weird experience at first, because your eyes will be closed for a long time while a metal object is very close to them. However, since the procedure is painless, in most cases the clients tend to just doze off.

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Enjoy having longer lashes that look natural!

Caring for lashes

After the appointment is over, you should not wet your face for at least 24h, and stay away from environments that are humid. After that, you will be allowed to properly wash your face, but always be gentle around the lashes. You can use a clean mascara wand to detangle them and keep them looking nice. 

After the initial day of having eyelash extensions, you are free to go about your day, as you normally would. It is important that you wash your lashes daily! You should avoid any kind of oil around the lashes, and you would be surprised to know just how many skincare products are oil-based!

In addition, do not touch and rub your lashes. This does not mean that you are not allowed to touch them at all, just avoid rubbing your eyes. Try not to sleep on your lashes, and avoid extreme heat. Of course, stray away from chemical peels and facials!

Final word


If you have any other questions, simply ask your technician. In most cases, the technician will already tell you everything that you need to know, so do not even worry about that. If you want naturally-looking long lashes, the lash extensions are the best option!

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