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Facebook Ads: News July 2019. Positive News?

In recent weeks, several changes have been made to the Facebook ads manager platform. Let's see what they are, but above all if we can consider them positive or not.

Farewell to fan targeting

You can do more advertising campaigns on the Fan page and on friends of fans, and this is perceived by many as a problem. Consider those companies that have invested for years in increasing their fan base, and now find themselves without the possibility of being able to reach them through sponsorships.

The truth is that the issue is less problematic than it might seem and, indeed, it could be a step forward for Facebook to push companies to improve their marketing actions.

Why should we want to reach all the fans without distinction, even those who put the Like years ago and then no longer interacted with the page because they were not interested or out of target? This is what happens with a fan campaign.

Now, instead of this option, there is the possibility of reaching those who have interacted with your page in the last 365 days. In other words, Facebook is pushing advertisers to reach people who have actually interacted with the page in the last year, even if they haven't become fans, rather than the people of like sleeping for more than a year.

This advertising action was available even before, thanks to the possibility of creating personalized audiences based on engagement with the page. Now, however, it is favored more by Facebook because the option is more visible.

This news has not yet been implemented in all accounts. In many accounts I still see the previous options, but it will only be a matter of time. Regardless of how important that approach was to us, now we need to adapt to this change.

It will be increasingly important to establish a deeper relationship with your potential customers.

Custom public dimensions are back

The elimination of the data on the size of custom audiences has been a more serious problem and in many ways quite annoying. Not knowing how many people you could reach in a retargeting campaign and setting your budget accordingly was one of the problems that struck advertisers from March of last year.

Facebook has announced that since suspending this function, it has worked to improve the security of personalized audiences, avoiding abuses in respect of user privacy.

With these updates now in place, they are restoring the estimates of personalized public coverage and will soon be available in our accounts.

The hope is that the possibility of analyzing these audiences within Audience Insights will also be available. This would be even more important to understand the characteristics of our audience more easily and faster.

Furthermore, as part of the transparency operation, Facebook will allow users to control companies that have uploaded a list of users with their information and those who use these lists to run advertising campaigns through their profile.

Only 3 lines of copy in preview

Starting from August 19th, in the preview of the text inserted in an ad, only the first 3 lines will be displayed, while now they are 7.

The user who wants to read all the text must click on it as it is now. The difference is that the amount of visible text is reduced.

What will this mean?

The 1st sentence is the most important of the entire copy, because it is the one that must attract the user's attention and push it to continue reading. Well, now it will be even more important because it will be the only one you can preview.

Hardly this new solution can negatively affect clicks and conversions, also because, from experience, I know that long copies can convert better than short ones. In other words, the user is already, in many cases, prompted to click to read the entire text, before performing the next actions.

Basically it is not a big change, and you can adapt without too many problems.

CBO postponed to February 2020

For months we have said that from September the CBO, i.e. setting the budget at the campaign level, will be mandatory, and we have all tried to put ourselves in line using it immediately, so as not to find ourselves unprepared.

Facebook, on the other hand, announced that it is postponed until February. This means that we will have more time to test and better understand the new algorithm before it becomes final.

To date, in fact, some logic of the CBO are not yet clear. In particular, the distribution of the budget seems to follow more the size of the public than the best cost per result, which is why it is discouraged to use very different sizes of public in the same campaign , and in particular to separate the retargeting public from the lookalike and from those for interest.

The same minimum and maximum spending functions do not always seem to work perfectly. It will probably still take some time before finally entering this new paradigm.

Author Bio:

Leslie A. Harper is a content writer and a blogger who has working in a leading company who helps people to get amazon suspended account reinstated. She also manage different social media platforms for different brands.

I'm jack connor, and I'm 26 years of age. Iam a Digital Marketing Expert at BFIC. Our company is actively involved in the development of whole financial protocols and ecosystems that will determine the future of digital finance and the economy.
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