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Facebook Marketing as a media to bring traffic to your website

Facebook Marketing is a part of social media marketing. In this article, we will be dealing with various aspects of Facebook marketing.

People from all around the world visit Facebook to look for the business of your type. Facebook acts as a medium to connect with those people very easily.

It is estimated that over 2.8 billion people are visiting Facebook every month. This means that a lot of potential customers will visit your website through Facebook.

It is desirable for your website that a planned Facebook marketing strategy is applied to your business website, else it will generate no results at all.

How to set up Facebook for business?

1. Loggin into your personal Facebook profile.

2. Go to facebook.com/pages/create.

Note: Your personal information will not be visible on your business page.

3. Choose the type of your business.

4. Into the details section of the page fill up with your complete business details.

5. Next step is to upload your business profile and cover image. Make sure that your business images are of compatible sizes.

6. Go to the edit Page Option, where you will be able to add your business description, contact number, and additional details like operating hours, number of employees, payment type, etc.

7. Another important thing that you have to do is to create a username.

Note: The username must not be more than 50 characters long. Use a username that can be easily found by people using Facebook.

8. There is another feature of adding any kind of button like Shop Now, Contact Us, etc.

What are the types of Facebook posts that are available?

There are various types of Facebook posts that one can try. Whatever you do must be properly planned strategically. They are mainly

1. Post that contains the text.

2. Post that contains Photos.

3. Post that contains Videos

4. Link Post.

5. Stories

Let us discuss them one by one.

1. Post that contains text

This is the simplest form of posting details about your business. No photos or videos are available for text posts.

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                                                                 Image Source: Pexels

2. Post that contains video

Only text post is not something that will impress people to visit your business. Another step is a photo post. You can make eye-catching banners about your business and post them with along text post.

3 Post that contains videos.

This is the most important step that covers every small detail of your business which is expressed by using videos. Every minute idea of yours is reflected through your expressions that are visible to your audiences. Video post is not just enough to drive traffic to your website.

4. Link Post

This is the section of Facebook that allows you to directly post the link to your business landing page. Now, this is the section that drives traffic to your website.

5. Stories

Facebook stories are of much importance as stories are the first thing that Facebook users prefer to see at first when they logging into their Facebook account. The stories stay for a period of 24hours after which it vanishes.

In this article, we have discussed only the business profile setup process and different types of available ads option. But the most important part is to customize the ad using Facebook ads manager. An agency can help you throughout the whole process. Find out the best marketing agency in your locality and hand over the task to them.If you are from Australia,hire a Facebook Marketing Melbourne agency to customize and run your ads successfully.

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