Facebook Marketing - Top Tips For Success


Marketing on Facebook can be successful, but you should not forget that Facebook is a social networking platform. Use it to gain recognition and credibility in your chosen niche, but don't skimp on sales.


Read these top tips for some great ideas:


1. Add a Like Button to Your Website

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If you have a wordpress blog, you can add a plugin to your blog to put a Facebook Like button on your blog, visitors to your blog can then click the Appreciate button and it will appear in the Facebook news feed and increase Blog awareness! If you don't have a wordpress blog there are also many options to add it, search the Facebook Like button on Google and you will find loads of options Facebook has its own page where you can enter a URL and they give you a copy code on your website.


2. Create a page


One of the most effective things you can do in your Facebook likes marketing campaign is to create a business page. Unlike your profile, which has a 5,000 fan limit, you can have an unlimited number of fans if you create a Facebook page. You can also have unlimited pages. Your page needs to be engaging, so update it with valuable content. Include news from your industry about what's going on in your business, but above all, target it to your visitors and make it interesting and engaging for them there. Make sure to link your page to all other blogs and social media accounts.


3. Embed an Optin page on your Facebook page.


Do you want to generate more leads? Place an engagement tab on your Facebook fan page. To do this you need to use static FBML. You will find this in the app when you create a page. It works exactly like a website. Get an opt-in code or a response from an autoresponder like Aweber, paste it into the FBML box and you'll have your lead capture page instantly! You can offer free videos, ebooks or anything else that you think is valuable to your customers and add them to your email list.


4. Keep your news feed up to date


Block anyone who sends spam. Remove posts that you think are inappropriate for your Facebook marketing campaign. Don't use ugly language and stay away from topics that might offend your readers.


5. Don't ask your friends until you interact with them.


Do not send random friend requests. Search for relevant groups for your niche. Then post relevant information, comment on or appreciate other people's posts, then ask them to be your friends. Facebook is all about the community, so keep that in mind.


6. Have a great profile


Make your profile professional, but tell people about you personally. As a result, people don't buy a product unless they like it. Take photos taken by a professional photographer. Links to other websites in your profile.


7. Facebook Event Setup


When you create an event on Facebook (easy to do) and people reply saying I'll join, their response will appear in their news feed and all their friends will see it. This is a great Facebook marketing strategy because their friends know you without having to befriend them. What would you put in an event? You can host a webinar, offer a limited-time product discount, or offer a free report for a limited time.


8. Don't be a spammer


This is the best way to destroy any credibility you have and is NOT Facebook marketing. Don't try to sell to people unless you've built a relationship with them that provides value, without first building a relationship with them. One of the worst things you can do is randomly tag people where they never appear in a video or photo. Just don't.


9. Enter your email contacts


Yes, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo etc. It allows you to export your email contacts to Facebook from most major email clients such as When you enter these, the person will receive a friend request if they are active on Facebook. They are your connections and customers, so this is a perfectly legitimate way to make friends.

10. Place a Facebook ad that few people click on.


Ha? What's the purpose of this? Well, if you put your picture there and target the right audience, it will increase your awareness on Facebook.