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Facing Issues While Setting Up Netgear AC750 Router? Let's Fix!

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Looking for seamless internet connectivity in every corner of your house by setting up Netgear AC750 router? Can’t you make the most out of your WiFi router? Are you facing issues while setting it up? Well, no worries! Here’s what to do to perform Netgear AC750 setup without any hassle.



Netgear AC750 router is one of the most popular routers liked by tens of millions of users. Though it is a smart device but sometimes, it can hamper the internet experience. Among all, setting up this tiny device can be a biggest challenge for a newbie. If you are looking for a definite fix to make your Netgear AC750 router up and running, just go through this post and know how to install it with ease.



Getting Started With Netgear AC750 Setup



Have you worked against the clock to finish the Netgear router setup process but nothing comes into view? If so, then ensure that you have chosen an optimal location for your AC750 device so that you won’t have to face issues like “no internet”. Your Netgear WiFi router must be installed near to your existing modem or gateway. Besides, consider placing your device in an open and higher place as well as away from the reach of unknown or third-party WiFi network.


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Your Netgear WiFi router can be installed easily using the tactics given in this tutorial. But make sure to follow the router setup steps in exact order to get the job done without any hassle.



Netgear AC750 Setup using Manual Method



·         Unpack your Netgear wireless router carefully. Once done, plug your AC750 device into a working wall outlet and turn it on.

·         Connect your Netgear AC750 router to your modem using an Ethernet cable.

·         Wait for the LED on your Netgear device to turn green.

·         Now, open an internet browser on your PC or laptop, and enter the default web address of your Netgear AC750 i.e. routerlogin. net.

·         Hit the Enter key and you will be taken to the Netgear router’s installation page.

·         Log in to your router by using the default AC750’s username and password.

·         Tap the Log In button. Now, you will be redirected to the dashboard of Netgear Genie.

·         Here, follow the on-screen instructions and complete the Netgear router installation process.



Netgear AC750 Setup Using the WPS Method



If you don’t want to get into the clutter of messy wires, then the WPS method would be a relief for you.



·         What you have to do is to locate the WPS button on your Netgear AC750 router after turning it on.

·         Wait for some time and push the WPS button on your client device as well.



Note: To complete the Netgear router setup process in a proper manner, make sure that your device is WPS capable.



Netgear AC750 Setup Using the Nighthawk App



To make the installation of your device super easy, walk through the steps given below:


·         Power up your Netgear AC750 router.

·         Open App Store or Play Store on your smartphone.

·         Search for the Netgear Nighthawk app.

·         Once found, download and run the app and accept its terms and conditions as well.

·         Create the Netgear account (if not created) with valid details.

·         Now, access the router login page by using the email ID and password you created.

·         The dashboard will appear. It will walk you through the on-screen setup instructions. Follow them carefully and configure your device like a pro.



You're Done!


These were a few methods through which you can easily perform Netgear AC750 setup without any issue. So, get, set, go guys and enjoy the blazing-fast internet connectivity even in dead zones of your house.

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