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This is your genetic makeup that decides what kind of beard you will have. It is the most contributing and genuine factor that determines the growth and thickness of your beard. Your genes are responsible for growth patterns and rates that are shown by your beard. Here, it is not being said that you will have a beard exactly like your father or grandfather, but your body genes indeed determine the color, coarseness, and terminal length of your beard depending on your ancestry. 


How dense and thick your beard would be, it depends on your age. In males, it begins to grow around age 13 or more. So, it is a general observation that boys in middle school will get a full beard. However, they have a more dense and fastest hair growth at the age of 25-35. Then, it starts slowing down in later stages of age. 


 When your body has testosterone in abundance, it results in better growth of your facial hair that is beard. While the other thing that can make you worry is that men with high levels of testosterone are more likely to become bald because of dihydrotestosterone. The actual phenomenon is however still unclear. 


Do you want to have a thick beard? Encourage yourself to exercise daily to have an ideal weight as it will boost testosterone levels in your body. Having great muscular activity, tough workouts, and healthy movements will prove much effective in this regard. So, pushups, deadlifts, pull-ups, squats, rows, chests, and overhead presses all are good. If you have no experience of weightlifting, do connect with a coach or trainer. Any bad move may slow your results and might lead to serious injuries. 


 The best diet plan including plenty of proteins, vitamins, and minerals will trigger your beard growth exceptionally, sustaining it to its best levels. Hair is made of proteins, so if you want them healthy, enough protein content is essential for you. Less protein in diet makes weaken your hair making them prone to damages. Vitamins B, C, and D in addition to zinc and iron all are contributing to your healthy and steady growth of beard. 


It is recommended to have a quality sleep of eight hours daily as it will keep your hormone levels in a balance which is necessary for sustainable growth rates of your beard. When you sleep, body temperature decreases, resulting in increased blood circulation, providing plenty of blood and other required elements to hair follicles and their roots. More nutrients will be available to them, which is better for your healthy and thick beard. 


 It is not a baseless assumption but a sensible point when someone says he is facing a hair fall due to stress and worries. It is a fact that stress weakens a person’s immune system, impacting its normal growth processes thus altering the growth rate of both scalp and beard.

If you are tired of taking care of the above factors and want some practical solution, try having Beard Growth Kit.


Use The Beard Growth Kit

The Beard Growth Kit contains three products to improve your beard growth for a thicker and fuller beard. 

1.   Beard rollers help increase blood flow to your face. Make collagen and other essentials available to the roots of the hair. The overall process will help beard growth. Try using beard roller 3-4 times a week. 

2.   Growth Serum: The serum is made with two ingredients that are minoxidil and vitamin E that help stimulate follicle growth. 

Growth Vitamins: Your body needs enough biotin and collagen to grow a thick beard.

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