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What are the factors which affect the newspaper app?

Newspaper app

Having a newspaper app like the Dainik Bhaskar Mobile app on the smartphone is a beautiful thing. You get access to daily news in Hindi wherever you are in the world while having the facility of going through the online Hindi newspaper at your leisure. Secondly, the regular news updates that you receive keep you abreast of whatever is happening in the world around you.

Do you know that much activity goes behind delivering the news to you every day on time? We shall discuss such factors that affect newspaper apps in this article.

Monetary factor

Developing an app requires a lot of money. Secondly, maintaining a newspaper app entails updating the content at regular intervals. All these activities cost money. The best way to recover the money is through paid subscriptions and advertisements. Most of the newspaper apps are available free. Therefore, advertisements seem to be the only way out to compensate for the money invested by the publication in developing and maintaining the app. Some newspaper apps seek voluntary contributions. It is also the right way of raising money. People who love to read the daily news in Hindi on time every day would not mind contributing to the development of the newspaper app.

Maintaining customer profiles

The newspaper app has to manage customer profiles and ensure that it pushes the appropriate notification to the customer. Dainik Bhaskar Mobile app seeks information about the customer at the time of his/her registration. The customer has to notify the areas of preference to enable the app to push the appropriate notifications.

Pushing notifications

Pushing notifications is an essential activity of any newspaper app. It is the best way to ensure customer retention and also solicit new customers. Pushing notifications is secondary because the app has to generate the notification initially to be able to push it through. Understanding the customer's preferences is the critical factor in this endeavour.


The timing of the notification is vital because no one would like to receive news notifications amid an important meeting. Usually, people go through these newspaper apps in the morning or just before they retire for the night. Some people also love to read the daily news in Hindi on their way to work. The app should determine the ideal timing of the notification and be ready with the content.


People have varied interests. Some love to read the current news whereas some people have interest in areas like politics, sports, crime, and others. Depending on the customer’s interest, the newspaper app has to be ready with the appropriate content to push the notification. Hence, writing content is also a factor that can affect the newspaper apps.

Social media implementations

People love to share the news they like with their loved ones or on social media. Hence, newspaper apps should have facilities to allow people to share content seamlessly. Social media implementation is also an essential factor that can affect newspaper apps. Customization of the app is also vital because it should be as user-friendly as possible.

Regular updates

The technology is improving daily. The newspaper apps need to match up to the expectations of the customers to survive in this industry. It requires the app to update the content regularly to maintain customer interest. Regular updates ensure that the customers get the latest news at all times. It assumes great significance when you have events like elections as people love to be ready with the most recent figures for discussion.

We have seen seven factors that affect newspaper apps. These factors are vital to the success of the online Hindi newspapers. Newspaper apps like Dainik Bhaskar Mobile apps are successful because they take care of these factors that affect their business.

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