Factors Which Make a Pearl Special

Pearl is one of the best choices for jewellery

Pearl is one of the best choices for jewellery among women of all ages. Its subtle luster and smooth finish make girls go head over heals to own it. This fascination for pearls is not a recent trend. Even old tales speak the courage of men who sojourn to the mighty seas and collect pearls to please the love of their life. What makes them so extraordinary that they are sought after by everyone? Let’s explore.

Here are the factors which make a pearl special

  • Their origin

The origin of pearls itself is a beautiful story. They give the dust particles settling in oysters a shiny coating. Repeated layers of coating for an extended period give them their signature round shape and beautiful radiation. Women love pearls as they are believed to be a symbol of love and harmony. Just like the oysters coat the undesired particles with a glossy coating, the woman must cover the indifference of her partner with love and understanding to make their life beautiful.

  • Versatility

This beautiful embodiment of pure love is often seen in engagement rings and wedding ornaments to denote this beautiful message to the world. Pearls are of many types. Nowadays, imitation pearls are also flooding the markets, but the real beauty lies in the cultured pearls alone. Whether it is a momentous occasion or everyday office wear, pearls are gaining a considerable space in the ladies’ jewelry boxes.

This enormous demand is wonderful, but it also has another side to it. Several counterfeit products which imitate the bright color and smooth surface of the original pearls are also seen in the markets. These pearls are considered to be fake in most of the countries and are said to bring bad luck to the women wearing them.

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These superstitions though not proven, have led women not to prefer these imitation pearls. Some widely renowned dealers sell quality pearls and the most beautiful jewelry carved from them. Look at this site for one such dealer. It is essential for you to choose wisely. Only the most beautiful jewelry will be fitting for your loved one. Happy shopping.

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