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Sheep, goats, and cows are some of the domestic animals that have a huge number of benefits for humans. Their accommodation is affordable as compared to the other animals. Survival does not require much maintenance, cost, and investment, just a few necessary things which include feeding, proper shelter, and caring master.


Diet and Habitat:

       There are a variety of foods they consume but mostly maize, green fodder, rice, and the by-products have amazing advantages from agricultural farming.

       Sheep can be found easily worldwide depending on the areas they live in that makes them unique whether mountains, rocky areas, hills, farms, etc.

       They are herbivores and mostly feed on the seeds having a multi-chambered stomach that helps in digestion with the help of cellulose

       Some of them don't need much water as they consume it from plants.


-Species of Sheep:

A variety of species can be found which differ in shape, sizes, and external but overall, they share the same biological background.

1- The Snow Sheep: These are found mostly in Russia. Also known as Siberian Bighorn sheep. 

2- Argali Sheep: This is the Asian largest species that vary in weight and height from others.

3- Bighorn Sheep: They are comparatively smaller in size and are available in the Rocky Mountain areas.

4- Dall’s Sheep: they can be identified by the difference in the horn which is thin but mostly curly in males and slender in females.


- Uses of Sheep: 

       The importance of Wool: They contribute to the most important industry and their skin is used to make warm clothes, blankets, etc. A Large number of garment factories run on this.

       Tender and delicious meat: Although not all people are familiar with the goodness and taste of this meat it is somewhat similar to mutton and delicious too.

       Generating profit by selling: If you are an animal lover it would be difficult for you initially yet it can be converted into a huge business. For this purpose, one must be aware of their health as it is important in case you want to sell them. 

        Milk is double in calcium than cow: Sheep’s milk is rich in vitamins, calcium, riboflavin, thiamin. All these are essential to maintain body health especially the nervous system. The milk is widely used in making cheese and yoghurt can also be produced by it.

       Excellent Weed destroyers: They are plant eaters and can be able to improve the overall appearance of the farm by gazing making it more valuable.

       Increase soil fertility: Several reasons are there which directly helps in increasing the fertility of the soil.


-General Habits:

Sheep are social and friendly animals. Mostly they like to live on farms and with their genders. They make their herds according to suitability, male herds are called bachelor, and females live in nursery herds. Unlike other animals, they don't participate in fights and prey on their food by hunting.


-Environment and economic factors: 

From an economic point of view, numerous things are helping the economy by selling wool, milk, and meat. They are playing a good role in the employment of the farmers and in rural areas where the earning opportunities are less. Many people raise sheep in their landscapes to make it better by applying environmentally friendly ways to control the production of weeds and other unimportant production of crops making it fertile.


Sheep are underrated and less appreciable: 

Every animal has its importance but undoubtedly, sheep are considered just like the other animals but in reality, they are a source of many unlimited factors that are positively helping people to reach the maximum growth of crops, cultivation, and farm improved condition that is economical. Nature has so many things to offer if we find out the correct ways to use them.


About The Writer:

Jenifer David likes to spend time with nature. Also, she has written many articles to give knowledge about natural resources, academic activities and dissertation editing & proofreading service which has great significance. Her interest includes learning more about animals.

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