Saturday, December 2, 2023
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Facts That Nobody Told You About Laundry Renovations

Renovating your home involves a lot of work and often a ton of costs. But it's deeply satisfying when things start to come together, and the results pay off. If you're going to tackle your laundry room next, here are a few facts on how you can ensure the best outcome possible. By redoing your laundry room, you and the rest of your family can get a lot more fun and use it with that space.

You'll Need a Pro 

A lot of DIY videos and materials out there might convince you that you can take on the installation work by yourself. But that's not the case for everyone. Are you skilled with power tools? Do you even have any tools? If you aren't handy with a hammer and nails, it would be best to let someone else handle the laundry renovations for you. 

It's Going to Be Noisy 

Renovations are messy. That's something you'll need to realize early on. Few people tell you how crazy and noisy it could get. If you have a baby, this might be a bit of a concern. You'll want to work out a schedule with your contractors or find a way to stay elsewhere until the project is completed. 

Put in Some Wiggle Room 

Something will always pop up that's not in the budget. That's why it's best that you set aside more than enough. Put in a little wiggle room. When unexpected expenses occur, you'll have plenty in your budget to cover those costs. Be sure to ask the contractor for an estimate, too, so you'll know how much you need and how much you'll have to add to account for unexpected costs. 

Custom Options Take Time 

If you want to go for custom options, make sure you're well aware that these often take a lot of time. The completion date is going to be even further down the line if you're ordering handcrafted lighting solutions, custom countertops, cabinets, and more. However, with a lot of advanced planning, you won't need to worry about delays pushing the completion date back by too much. 

Homework is Essential

Not all contractors have the experience and expertise that your project needs. Be sure to go over the credentials and qualifications of the contractor before you hire anyone. Ask around. Reach out to friends and family in the area. If you know of anyone who's had some renovations done, ask them for hiring advice. At the very least, you could get tips on which service providers are ideal and which ones should be off your list for good. 

It'll Be Stressful


Undertaking the project can be stressful to a lot of people, whether it's the thought that you'll need to shell out more money than you expected, dealing with the noise, and the prospect of talking to contractors every day until the work is completed. The key is not to overstress yourself, though. Remember, it's just a laundry room. Take it easy. Hire a seasoned pro to cut down on any problems and issues. Enjoy the experience as much as you can.

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