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Facts You Don’t Know About Mailer Boxes

We are in need of packaging products for safe and secure delivery of our goods and items. For this, we are always looking out for the best items to ensure all our demands and requirements are met. There are quite many packaging products available near us which we see and utilize daily. They are paper bags, plastic bags, and packing boxes. There are multiple reasons for opting for a specific product however boxes stand out among others for many reasons.

One of the prime reasons boxes are preferred over other packing products is because of the safety and security they provide for the packed product. For this very reason, one special kind of box is used quite frequently these days. They are Mailer Boxes. The name might be difficult to understand the nature of the box. However, it is the features that they have to offer.

Safety and Security: The Prime Features


Boxes are preferred over other packaging products because of their safety and strength. Paper bags have the least security since they can be torn with ease. They cannot store multiple products at once and also heavy products. You need to carry them with safety. Similarly, plastic bags have a reduced security and safety and are extremely bad for packing fresh food products.

This is where Mailer Boxes emerge on the scene. They are purposely designed for providing increased security and strength. Made generally from cardboard, multiple sheets can be attached together to form a thickly layered box. Kraft and corrugated paper can also be used to make these boxes, all depending upon the product to be stored.

Excellent for packing and delivering heavy and high-end products, these boxes are being used in bulk nowadays. With skyrocketing delivery services that are randomly available, these boxes are a great source for economic delivery.

Make Your Perfect Mailer Box

In order to make a perfect box, you need to identify the type of product to be stored. Mailer Boxes provide you the leverage of making the box as thick as possible so your item and goods are packed with utmost security. Moreover, these boxes are easy to assemble. They do not require an adhesive to join sheets. You can connect them by making cut patterns in the sheets. The sheets are connected together by inserting sides into the cut patterns.

But here are certain customization techniques and hacks that might be productive for you.


·         Box Shape

Box shape is quite essential. And good shape makes sure the box is easy to pack, easy to stack, and easy to carry. These boxes have a simple square or rectangle shape. They have a simple locking and unlocking style. Sometimes a band or strap is added to the top for carrying purposes.

·         Layered Structure

Adding different layers over one another is quite common with these boxes. You can make your box as thick as possible when packing expensive and heavy products. This provides additional security and safety for such goods. And this also results in customer satisfaction and approach.

·         Branding

The most important factor in any business is branding. And boxes are a great way for economical advertisement. You can add your brand logo and taglines. Also, add trademark for a complete brand recognition. You can add product images as well for good and easy product identification.

·         Gift

Mailer Boxes are great for packing your gifts. It is no doubt that these boxes are preferred mostly for delivering items as gifts. They are packed with the products and then locked easily. Sometimes, these boxes are designed on the outside so that they are solely used for gift packing. You can wrap the boxes with good paper, add a gift note, and then deliver with ease.

Economical and Effective

Boxes are a great packing product because they are cheap and available easily all around the world. This makes them quite popular along with other general features they offer. Moreover, their stacking over shelves is quite handy. Additionally, boxes are easy to assemble and disassemble and they are made to hold multiple products at once. Their eco-friendly nature makes them a good alternative to other packaging products available. Custom Boxes Mart is your one-stop destination providing innovative solutions for all your Packaging Boxes, Printing, and Designing needs all over the USA.


Good Display and Presentation:

These boxes use several types of finishing procedures and techniques that can enhance their appearance. For instance, gold foiling is one of the most popular types of enhancing techniques in the market. Several others such as embossing, spot UV varnish, and printing, etc. are in use. These can either target certain areas of the box or simply add definition and precision to the overall cartons. The name of the company and its logo, are given definition and dominance. With these boxes, any brand can draw attention towards its enclosing boxes and make customers engage more with the products of a brand. You can effectively enhance the image, reputation, and perception of the packaging boxes and add value to your products with the effective use of these wrapping boxes.

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