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Fall Protection - Systems That Can Save Someone’s Life

Protection of the workers is very important. Various trainings are held just to maintain the safety of workers. Though, if someone has a closer look then it will be evident that most accidents, majorly related to falling happen in construction sites only. The problem is not limited to construction always; it is also seen in many other sectors also. General industry also experiences many incidents with their employees; some prevention should be must in these cases.

Fall Protection Safety Measures:

There are many safety measures one can take up in order to prevent any workplace mishap. Fall protection actually will help the employees to work with peace of mind. OSHA standard system has been passed by many companies to guarantee the safety of their workers. Many new techniques have been implemented by the companies; while on the other hand some are still working with the harness on. It might look outdated, but it is still very much useful.

There are different pros and cons of fall protection; in this article we will gave a good look on them. Wire rope system for safety purposes is actually one of the most common procedures that are owned by many companies; it is owned mainly because this precaution is approved by OSHA. Adequate protection for the workers is typically provided when wire rope system comes into play. It can only save a worker from falling up to a certain foot; the maximum being 8 feet.

The bad thing about wire rope system is that it won’t be able to protect the safety of workers on tanker truck or rail car. The injury can actually be a bit dangerous if someone falls from a good height; even the rope will not be helpful that much. The cost of having these fall protection rope systems will also be a lot; because if we calculate the whole system it is not that inexpensive. Companies also have to pay for the shock absorber and rope trolley also.

Necessary Tips Required for Fall Protection:

  • There is more than enough reason that can make this protection for employees very much necessary; it is one of the major safety measures. Companies have supervisors appointed, who can actually help in inspection of the fall arrest equipment such as horizontal or vertical lifelines. The first necessary step is to locate all the hazards in the workplace and omit them.
  • All employees should have proper access to the workplace and they should positively eliminate all the hazards in the first step. If any problem occurs while the first step of fall protection is on, then the organization should take proper action in order to maintain safety. With every installation of barriers, staircase, walls etc. the safety of the workplace is maintained.
  • The usage of fall arresting equipment is considered as the last line of defence in the fall protection program. There are certain equipment’s such as harness, lanyards, shock absorber, fall arrester, lifelines etc that are very important in order to maintain safety and the risk of injury also reduces. Installation of the equipment should be accurate, so that it does not malfunction later on.


In the end, it can be easily concluded that the usage of the fall protection equipment’s are applicable in most unfavourable situations. This article will provide great knowledge about the protection procedures and how to deal with the issues that one can face in any workplace. Therefore, the choice that will suit workers will be cost efficient and should be owned by any company to ensure safety.

My name is Mark Simon. I am a writer by profession and love to share my written blogs and thoughts about Technology, Gadgets, Electronics, and many more that will be informative and useful for readers who love to gain knowledge.
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