Monday, December 11, 2023
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6 Businesses To Start With Your Family

Many of the most successful business ventures begin as a family business. Family businesses are not without complications so you should think long and hard about whether such a venture is the right thing for you. For those of you who do decide to take the plunge, the following businesses are family friendly.



There are many positive benefits to a family landscaping business. You and your family will be in control of your own destinies and can devote as much or as little time to the business as you desire. Your commute to work will be short when beginning the business in your local community.

The landscaping business has great potential for expansion and most clients will be recurring. This is an excellent business to make money with family members while getting exercise and enjoy being outdoors.


Home Cleaning

The dislike that most people have for cleaning presents a viable business opportunity. Cleaning is a valuable service that does not require you or a family member to obtain any advanced certifications. The power of word-of-mouth marketing makes home cleaning a great opportunity for the family that is willing to work hard and provides a high-quality service.


Machinery Rental Service

Cranes are a vital component to the construction and industry. A crane rental service can be a lucrative business for the family with a member that understands this industry.

Once your family has a crane or two available for customer use it is time to solicit customers. Direct contact and other mediums can be used to alert construction members of your existence. Advertisement headings should be short and sweet. Include the service provided and the area of operation. For instance, a greater Seattle area crane service would be perfect if operating in the Seattle area.


Hybrid Coffee Shop And Bar

You can offset low traffic to your shop by offering beverage customers desire throughout the day. If you live in a location where coffee shops are not the norm customers will appreciate a place they can go all day for a great cup of coffee. A local bar will make money at night but a coffee shop will begin making money as soon as the sunrise. If you and your family can create the proper environment, you can make money all day and night.


Handyman And Contractors

The services of a good handyman are always welcomed. If you constantly receive requests from friends and family members to fix something around the house it is possible to parlay this skill set into a family business.

You can promote your services by word of mouth if you are already performing odd jobs for satisfied customers. If your services are relatively unknown to members of your local community, you can seek to obtain small projects through a general contractor.


Pet Services

A local pet store is a great business opportunity for families living in areas not serviced by major chains like PetCo. If there is a heavy pet population in your community grooming, boarding, and other services can also be offered.

Research the market by asking pet owners you know where they currently purchase pet food and supplies. Pet shop owners may be a great resource to you if you decide to offer boarding, grooming, or walking services.



A family business can be a rewarding endeavor that provides benefits to multiple generations of your family. It can be a complicated process to own and operate a family business but if done right, it is well worth the trouble. The six businesses listed above are great selections for families wishing to take charge of their own destiny.

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