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Fantastic 3D Printing Pens to Look At

The 3D printing pens that are being introduced into the market utilize heat to push out soft plastic to form various shapes. The pens are fitted with a filament feeding slot, a heated tip, a button or squeezing area to compel the heated plastic to be extruded and a built-in battery. Its pen-like shape allows users to make three-dimensional objects by simply drawing them. Though using them is a lot of fun and open one’s creativity after you have sketched out the outlines, you must wait for the liquid plastic to cool before you can do anything else. The manufacturers of 3D printing pens have had some changes made to them to make them favorable to any artist who may opt to use any kind of surface as their canvas. has a list of the latest printing pens with their different colors and since work that is showcased in exhibits is usually two dimensional, it says the 3D pens add a third dimension to the works to make them look them look more realistic.

The Latest Models to Hit the Market


The review done on this printing pen terms it as the best for professional use because of its durability and accommodative features. It heats up and cools down the filament in a timely period. By choosing to work with the LIX printing pen, you are free to use a wide range of filaments like the fluorescent, translucent, wood and metal-based plastic filaments. A closer look at the review you will realize that the manufacturer seeks to assure artists that the problem of clogging is dealt with because the evacuation system installed in the pen eliminates plastic dust from the internal components. Other aspects of this pen that make it a favorite include easy portability, being well-built and stylish, minimal noise when being used and a USB cable for recharging is parked alongside it. One disadvantage of using this printing pen is that it limits the amount of plastic that can be loaded into the filament, therefore, making refilling a tedious process.

2. Leo Evo 3D Doodler Pen

The Leo Evo is a 3D printing pen model that can be used by both professionals and kids or for amateurs and well-established artists, therefore making it a perfect pick since it is an all-rounder. The review recommends this printing pen for adults because it has variable speed and temperature features that they can adjust as they seem fit. This printing pen would also be great for children who are just starting to learn to sketch due to the doodle templates and variety of colorful filaments that come with it. The asking price is very affordable and so be sure that when you buy it, it will give good value for the money spent.

The printing pens enumerated on are quite a number that if you find the above two are not to your liking you can always choose another one since all their features are listed in the review.

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