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Fascinating Netgear Router Setup Tactics

NETGEAR has been committed to network technology innovation, focusing on product reliability, ease of use, and providing high-quality network solutions. Netgear wireless router has a huge clientele around the globe, the usage rate is also very good, but still many users do not know the settings and Netgear Router Installation, for which this article is meant for.

This article mainly introduces the NETGEAR wireless router, the correct installation (connection), Internet settings, wireless Wi-Fi setting method; a new purchase (after resetting the factory settings) NETGEAR wireless router, and how to achieve Internet connection.

For Netgear router setup, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Set the computer IP address
  • Connect the NETGEAR router
  • Set the NETGEAR to access the Internet
  • Before setting up the NETGEAR router, you need to set the IP address in the local connection (Ethernet) of the computer to be automatically obtained (dynamic IP), once you are done with this, proceed to the steps given below:

Next step is to physically configure your router. Users need to prepare 2 network cables. One network cable is used to connect the ADSL Modem to the WAN interface of the NETGEAR router; the other network cable is used to connect the LAN interface between the computer and the router.

Note: After connecting to the NETGEAR router according to the appeal method, the computer can't access the Internet temporarily; when the router is set up, the computer can automatically access the Internet so show some patience.

Also, ensure that the network cable between the router and the computer must be connected properly. If there is a problem with the network cable, it will result in a setup interface that cannot be logged in, or it will not be able to access the Internet after setting.

Log in to the NETGEAR router settings interface.

  • Start Internet Explorer or another browser, open a web page, type NETGEAR in the address bar of the web page and press Enter on the keyboard.
  • Normally, the browser will pop up the following login box, asking for a username and password. The default is as follows: Username: admin Password: password (all lowercase letters)
  • For the first time, when the wizard setup wizard asks - Do you need the NETGEAR wizard to help you? Please select: No, I want to configure my Internet connection -> click "Next" and then click "OK"; Users may see a prompt with an "important update", click Continue.

Set the NETGEAR router to access the Internet

Important note: There are three types of settings: PPPoE, fixed IP, dynamic IP. Before setting up the user, you should find out which type of ISP you are handling. At any point, you may contact the Netgear router support for immediate assistance.

  • Click “Settings” and then on Basic Settings. Further, when you will be asked that do you need to log in to your Internet connection? Tap on yes - Internet Service Provider select PPPoE - after login.

  • Enter in the blank column -Broadband account, broadband password - "Internet IP address" selection: dynamically obtained from the ISP - and click "Apply”.
  • Here, select the menu Settings and then go to Basic Settings. And when asked “Do you need to log in to your Internet connection": Tap on No.
  • Use the default address and click "Apply". This will help you in Netgear router default login in future.
  • The ISP will provide the fixed IP address, the subnet mask, gateway, and the DNS server address to the user. If the router is not used, you need to manually fill in the IP address provided by the broadband operator (network administrator) in the local connection of the computer. Subnet mask, gateway and DNS, after which the computer can access the Internet.

The fourth step, check whether the setting is successful

Select the menu "Advanced" - "View the connection between the router and the Internet", as shown below, the Internet port obtains the IP address, indicating that the router is successfully connected to the Internet. Then you can surf the internet!

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