Monday, October 2, 2023
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Favorite Roofing Tips for Ottawa Homeowners

A house needs a roof. Why then do Ottawa homeowners forget their roof exists? Even if your roof is rated to last for 30 or more years, you should be aware that it requires maintenance to last that long. Otherwise, issues are going to spring up like weeds. Get started off right, and commit to our favorite roofing tips for Ottawa homeowners.

1. Take a Look Around

Throughout the year, you should do a complete inspection of the roof. Start from the ground and look for things like missing or exposed fasteners, issues with the soffits, broken or sagging gutters, loose granules, buckling flashing, battered drip edges, and missing, lifted, or curling shingles. Make a note of the problems then go on the roof to see what else you can find, such as loose nails and flashings, mold, sagging, and so on. 

  2. Clean The Gutters

Remove fallen leaves and other debris from the gutters at least twice a year and when needed. If the gutters don’t get cleaned, that water is going to back up and cause rot within the fascia. Call a professional for assistance.

 3. Avoid Dry Rot

Believe it or not, dry rot is not the cause of water damage but from ventilation—or a lack thereof. A dry rotted roof is going to sag or even cave in, because the plywood holding it up will deteriorate. To prevent dry rot, maintain the ridge vent and soffit vent. If you don’t have soffit vents, drill some holes into the soffit so that hot air is pushed through the ridge vent.

 4. Stop Ice Buildup

Ice dams look cool, but they can cause plenty of issues, like detached gutters and leaks. If you are getting ice dams, be sure to check the insulation in the attic and around the house. Make sure the roof is not getting overly heated. That should help prevent any melting and freezing.

  5. These Boots Are Made For Roofing

You hear it all the time: “Check the flashing!” But no one ever says you should look at the rubber boots. Do you know where the roof fence is located? No? Then it’s time to learn, because those roof boots need some attention. If the boots dry out, it could result in leakage. While replacing a roof boot is usually quick and hassle-free, there are some instances where you will have to remove a few shingles, patch up the tar underlayment, and then return those shingles to their proper place.

 6. Trim Branches Back

If there are brambles and branches growing too closely to the roof or congesting the gutters, you need to trim them away. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, if those branches shed their leaves, the debris is going to collect along the valleys and eaves and gutters. Worse, collected leaves gather moisture, damaging the roof over time. Secondly, if the tree is damaged in a storm, for instance, those branches could potentially strike the roof, causing punctures or even greater damage.

 7. Locate Leaks

If you are having a difficult time finding a tiny leak in the roof, don’t get frustrated. Just breathe. Yes, the roof may be large, but there is only so much ground to cover. Take a hose and spray a little amount of water. Have someone else check the ceiling in the house where the leak occurred to see what happens. By process of elimination, you will eventually be able to find where the leak came from.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for trouble spots, such as squishy shingles, missing shingles, pieces of roofing with missing hardware, loose flashing, and so on.

 Final Thoughts

Routine roof maintenance and prevention is important, so make sure you take these favorite roofing tips for homeowners in Ottawa to heart. Keep your roof looking great throughout the years with these steps. And remember to get it inspected by a professional at least once a year.

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