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There are a number of Novo FIFA 20 career mode features coming, from player morale and dynamic player potential to more customization options like female managers.

Fans of the single-player mode have been crying out for some new FIFA 20 career mode features for some now because it's stagnated somewhat for the last few years. EA has neglected the mode in favor of pursuing the ultimate team, which is also receiving some brand new updates covered in our FIFA 20 ultimate team preview.

When it comes to the managerial aspect of FIFA 20 however, EA has released some more information about brand new FIFA 20 Career mode features players can expect this year.

ON THE BALL: enjoy more control over the decisive moments that determine the outcome of every match in FIFA 20 set piece refresh pick your target and time it right from the spot.

OFF THE BALL: more time and space more emphasis on your activity on the ball.

THE BALL: in the air on the group

PRO: Volta soccer is a neon revelation
Admirable pace
Defending tweaks
Zany modifiers
Electric sound track.

CONS: career mode still needs a revamp
Visual upgrade are negligible.



Move with more agility lure the defender in beat them with speed or skill. New strafe dribbling adds new dimensions for attacking play in FIFA 20.


Take back possession with active touch tackling and new animation that rewards you for well-timed defensive play.


More clinical finishing when one - on - one more risk with volleys and long shots overhauled shooting creates more realism in front of goal in FIFA 20.


Realistic ball movement with more authentic spins and bounce create a true to life match experience in FIFA 20.


Curling shots dipping free-kicks knuckleball first time rising strikes. All made possible by the new ball motion system in FIFA 20.


Guide to FIFA 20 celebration and skill moves for both Xbox 360 and PS4 with an enhanced search function. The data is stored offline so no need to go online and search for skill moves and celebrations on your web browser. This is your one-stop for the ultimate guide for FIFA.

a focus on fun and listening to the fans arises elsewhere in the FIFA 20 package, most notable in the new rule-breaking game modes that have made their way into the ultimate team.

They're hit and miss in terms of successful quirks with the ball holding king of the hill amounting to a frustrating bore but no rules hack the ones. and survival matches ( where random players are ejected from the scoring team after putting away a goal) delivering some of the most refreshing matches of FIFA we are played in years.

So for FIFA 20 both pre and post-match press conferences can have an impact on player morale along with your manger rating. When it comes to the player conversation a messaging app like interface will be used and you'll have to deal find ways either through direct action or by communication his/her stances in order to mitigate and solve these situations.

The new tools developed in house by the career mode team enabled our producers and designers to leverage this large amounts of data and create an enormous variety of storylines that are deeply rooted in the player's experience and your way of each match will be treated differently by the journalist and will always full authentic and dynamic depending highly on the outcome goals scored, opponent time of season or stage of competition and more.

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