Friday, September 29, 2023
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Features of Screen Recorder With Internal Audio

Screen Recorder is a free app that was created in India. It is congruent with both iOS and Android platforms. Released in the year 2017, currently, it has 10 million users in Google Playstore.


Screen recorder with internal audio is an app that is easy for use and has several features like a recording of the phone screen, easy navigation with floating buttons, whiteboard recorder, image editor, Facecam recorder, Live stream broadcasts, internal recorder of audio, and other professional settings.


· It is a free app compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

· This app doesn’t need a net connection to work since screen recording is not uploaded on any cloud server or network. In its place, it is automatically saved in either SD Card memory or phone device.

· While uploading or sharing the screen recorder, its built-in video compression algorithm aids in minimizing net usage, thus lowering the data bill so a user can save much money.



· It is a priceless app that can be accessed on Playstore. This app permits one to record videos from the mobile screen without or with a front camera.

· It is now useful for recording videos that live stream from social media networks like Facebook and watch them afterward or display them to someone.

· The front camera can be used to capture one’s own video besides capturing screen videos simultaneously. This feature enables one for recording tutorials about any app. This helps developers of apps to record videos for providing an explanation about the use of any app developed by them.

· The app will help in sketching and making tutorials using a whiteboard screen.

· Such features help quality testers, app testers, and other users to explain any problem which they face in any of their apps.

· Screen recording feature also helps you for recording any app through the mobile. This can be accomplished in the mode of live application use. Type any message and record any audio or video calls featuring on the screen of the device.

· One of the crucial and distinctive uses of the application is for enabling parents to monitor what videos their children may be watching on the mobile through the app. 

· One useful feature of this application is that one can etch text on the screen even as the video is being recorded. It enables the trimming of videos with the aid of an in-built recorder and editor of the video.

· The app can work without the use of any mobile files or internet connection. Videos are saved and recorded locally on SD card/ Phone memory rather than on a cloud server or network.

· The app helps the user to make presentations and video of still pictures as well as do uploading on the cloud.

· The user of the app has the option to share such videos on a Blue tooth, E-mail, YouTube, or Facebook video.

· This app has much utility for lovers of video gaming because they are able to record their rounds of gaming while they play with the video options of screen recording in the application.

· One can also record long videos without any problem on the memory card.

· The shortcuts of navigation on the home screen help in beginning recording with ease and also to capture the screen.


In sum, there are several benefits of screen recording for game players, app developers, businessmen, parents, and teachers. Earlier, one could screen capture only the images on the phone. But with this app, one can easily record videos highly effectively. This app is an ideal choice when you wish to record the screen along with the audio.


It is quite clear that this app surpasses the performance of a basic screen recorder and that too, at no cost. The feature of Facecam recorder helps in mobile screen recording simultaneously with the own recording of the user. This is the best part about this app called screen recorder with internal audio.

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