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Felt+Fat Reveals its Magic Marketing Tool: E-newsletters

Data doesn’t lie: when compared to all other marketing channels, email consistently generates the highest return on investment. Even in the face of the social media titans Facebook and Twitter, email marketing outpaces its distinguished colleagues with new client acquisition rates that are 40 times more effective.


The electronic newsletter (or e-newsletter) is a tool that organizations can use to establish themselves as experts within their field, keep clients informed of new products and services, advertise promotional campaigns, and build relationships with new and existing clients.


Having grown from an artist’s humble studio project into a leader in the tableware manufacturing industry, Felt+Fat has developed customer relationship management strategies that have served as a catalyst for its accelerated business expansion. E-newsletters have been a pivotal source of resources for boosting conversion rates for Felt+Fat, and the company offers the following tips to new and growing businesses.


Find Your Email Marketing Voice


Figure out what your clients want, and give it to them. Focus your newsletters on the interests of your clientele and capture their attention by providing them with impactful content that directly relates to their everyday business needs and concerns. Felt+Fat provides its clients with time-relevant news and advice, like Restaurant Survival in a Pandemic. Make your unique story the focus of your newsletter, and add on important business updates as highlights.


When it comes to selecting your topics, Forbes encourages businesses to make sure the content is “tailored to your brand and the unique offerings and benefits of working with you, as well as the issues you deal with, and the problems you solve in your industry.” Present your brand as an expert within the field by reporting on the latest industry research and trends. Make it a priority to stay up to date with current events to build your brand’s authority and trust with the public so that your clients want to come to you for the latest info.


Establish a Publishing Schedule


Consistent, reliable publications are a must. Avoid being spammy by not overloading your audience, but keep followers engaged so that they feel like they are a part of the community that your brand is creating. The exact cadence for your newsletter should be tailored to your audience wants, which can be discovered through analytics and trial and error. In general, it is advised to not send out an e-newsletter more than twice a week and not less than once a month.


Build your Email List


Offer a wide variety of opportunities for potential customers to sign up for your newsletter. Add a sign-up form on your website, advertise on social media, and always have in-person sign-ups available at your store and when attending professional events. Then, dangle that carrot: give your potential customers a reason to sign up by offering discounts, prizes, or other incentives to those who sign up.


Use Analytics


We live in a data-driven world, and there’s a reason for that: utilizing personalized data is proven to help drive successful business decisions. Keep an eye on your open rate (how many people open your newsletters, a good indicator of how effective your newsletter subject title is at grabbing your audience’s attention), click-through rate (how many links clicked within the email—a great way to figure out the topics people care most about within your newsletter), and take advantage of any A/B testing features offered by your email service provider to further fine-tune your email marketing strategy.


About Felt+Fat


Based in Philadelphia, Felt+Fat is a tableware manufacturer specializing in exquisite, handmade ceramic dishes. Founded in 2014 by Nate Mell after designing plates for Eli Kulp's award-winning restaurant 'High Street on Market,' the small studio has flourished into a world-renowned business providing exceptional products to both restaurants and direct-to-consumers. Notably, the company has been featured in Food&Wine, The New York Times, and Bon Appetite.

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