Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Fibre Glass Vs. Concrete Pools On A Budget: 6 Tips From The Great Depression

Your home is probably the single biggest purchase you've ever made. It's understandable why you'd want your home accessories to add to the value. 

One particular home accessory that comes to mind is the pool. It's great for fun and games with family and friends. But you want it to be a high-quality addition to your home, so it has to be made just right.

When choosing the material, you're presumably going to have to decide between the two most used materials; concrete and fibreglass. 

To help you settle for one, this article will evaluate the two materials. Keep reading to learn more about fibre glass vs concrete pools.


Both materials are highly resistant to wear and tear and typically last long. Ground movement can cause fibreglass to crack,which is not the case with concrete. 

However, concrete tends to wear out faster with everyday use. A concrete pool can be repaired if necessary. With fibreglass, you will need to pull it out entirely if it ever needs repair.


Concrete pools are easier to ply and make into different shapes and designs. Fibreglass, however, does not offer the same flexibility. 


Concrete tends to be a more expensive pool material in terms of long-run maintenance costs. It will need refilling, cleaning, and replastering every couple of years.

A fibreglass pool will only need pool liner replacement every few years and is, therefore, cheaper in maintenance costs. The initial installation, however, will cost roughly the same. 

Running a fibreglass pool costs less in chemical usage over its life, whereas a concrete pool will need acid regularly and needs more chemicals to stop algae. 


Both materials will look great. You can hardly tell the difference just by looking.Regarding the interior finish, fibreglass will give a smooth finish because of the gel coating. 

Concrete will have a rough interior. It can be plastered or tiled to make it smoother, but it will still be slightly more uneven than the fibreglass pool. However, the rougher surface makes it non-slippery.


A fibreglass pool is made from prebuilt moulds, so it doesn't take long to install. Apart from digging the hole, there's not much else that needs to be done on-site. It won't take more than a few weeks to have it fully functional. 

With a concrete pool, the process is much longer. The digging, filling, and setting takes some time. It may take up to 6 months to construct.


Doesn’t matter whether Fiberglass OR Concrete Pools what’s your choice is, but installing an electronic swimming pool alarm will caution you when a person or thing enters your pool water.

Pool alarms are not only for families that have youngsters. Families with older individuals, actually or intellectually impeded, and pets ought to introduce a pool alarm to ensure the individuals who are defenseless against a mishap.

There are numerous kinds of alarm for each sort of pool. The most mainstream are the drifting surface wave alarm, the wristband submersion alarm and the sub-surface alarm. Every one of these alarms works remotely to a base station alarm that sets in your home.

A wristband submersion alarm is reasonable for an older individual or somebody who is actually or intellectually crippled. This sort of alarm will sound when the wristband gets wet.

Skimming surface wave alarms and sub-surface alarms initiate when the water is upset by an individual entering the water.

Choosing the best option








Not customisable

Fully customisable


Cheaper in the long run

More expensive in the long run


Need less

Need more

Interior Finish





Takes longer 

There are advantages and disadvantages of both options. And there's no clear winner. If you want a faster, easier to maintain option, then fibreglass is a good choice.If, on the other hand, you're going for a customised, natural look that's easier to refurbish over its lifetime, choose concrete. Whichever you settle for, you'll have a durable pool that you'll love.

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