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Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against a Startup Company

Personal injuries are common occurrences on business premises. They can happen anywhere, whether in grand businesses or startups. Such injuries can result from broken stairs, poor lighting, slippery floors, and falls on pathways resulting from loose cables. If this happens, the victim can file a lawsuit against your new company, which can cost you a lot if found negligent.


However, dealing with personal injury cases and lawsuits can be complex. It involves various processes whereby the injured party has to prove negligence. Therefore, if filing a personal injury lawsuit against a company, you should understand various things. Besides, you can hurt your chances of getting compensation due to simple mistakes.


Here’s what you should know:


1. Maintain proper documentation


Whether you’re a worker or a client on the business premises, notify the company immediately and seek medical help. Document all injuries and treatment received after the accident. Also, keep copies of all the medical documents and receipts for payments made. Collect evidence concerning the cause of the accident and have images if possible. If you have incurred hefty medical bills resulting from the injuries, this information will help the attorney negotiate for compensation.


2. File a claim promptly


There’s a timeline for filing a personal injury claim. If you go beyond the given timeline, you risk losing your compensation rights. However, if you’re unsure about this, you can always seek guidance from a personal injury law firm. The professionals will educate you on the importance of seeking medical help and filing a lawsuit immediately. 


3. Hire an experienced attorney 


Are you planning to represent yourself due to the attorney costs involved in a personal Injury lawsuit? This is an option but may not be the best decision. While you can settle minor personal injury cases without legal help, a personal injury attorney will produce a better compensation settlement for the victim.


Again, such lawsuits involve lengthy processes, hence the need for legal expertise. It’s then advisable to seek help from an experienced attorney to understand the legalities of your case. The lawyer will represent you and help in evidence gathering and compensation negotiations. 


4. Exaggerating injuries can lead to loss of compensation.


 Don’t lie or exaggerate injuries to get more compensation. Get checked by a medical doctor and get treatment for your injuries. Also, get proper documents concerning the injuries and receipts for payments made. Don’t try to claim for costs that you haven’t incurred or fake injuries. Personal injury lawyers have a way of unearthing the truth.


5. There’s no guarantee for compensation.


Filing a lawsuit doesn’t translate to compensation. The lawyer and the company’s insurer will determine the extent of the injuries and the negligent party. In some cases, the blame may not fall on the company owner. If this happens, your chances of compensation will be minimal. Also, such cases could take long before the lawsuit is resolved.


How will an attorney help?


After incurring injuries, you need time to recover and may not be able to handle all the legal processes. An attorney can help handle all the paperwork and represent you in court. Also, the attorney will educate you on your rights and help in compensation negotiations. Lawyers have extensive legal expertise, making you stand a higher chance of winning the case with an attorney.


The bottom line


If you incur injuries on business premises, you can file a lawsuit and get compensated for your damages. Although this may not repay all the losses incurred, the money can help cater to hefty medical bills and care for your family when you’re unable to work. However, it’s best to report the injury case immediately and file a claim promptly.


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