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Did Your Filling Just Come Out? Keep Calm and Call a Dental Expert

Has it ever happened to you that while eating your tooth filling comes out? Don’t panic, it is a common case that has occurred too many of us. Instead of yelling out in despair, call your dentist at once and book an instant appointment. Your lost filling can be easily restored when treated under right and safe hands. You can find numerous dental clinics in London where you can resolve your oral issue. You should follow some prevention techniques to keep away from such situation. Read on to know about the preventive measures and restorative treatments offered at various dental clinics.

Preventive measures to avoid falling out of filling

It is advised that you follow preventive measures in order to keep away from disturbing oral conditions. Some of those measures involve:

  • Regular visits to a dentist can help you detect the arising problem before its actual occurrence.
  • Check for tooth decay that can damage your filling restoration.
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene and control plaque to keep your filled tooth safe from erosion or damage.
  • Ask your dentist if it is time for filling restoration as it won’t to last forever.

Many factors can lead to a damaged or broken filling, such as:

  • Wearing the tooth due to clenching or grinding
  • Leaking of bacteria into the filling margins that ultimately results in tooth decay
  • Prolonged ignorance cans lead to tooth loss or root canal.

Your NHS dentist at Lewisham can help you in dealing with a damaged or lost filling and return your missing smile. Even after adapting prevention, it is possible to experience unexpected fall of your filling. In a situation like this, call an emergency dentist as early as possible to get rid of the uncontrolled pain and discomfort.

Available options for filling replacement or restoration

If your dentist assures you of restoring the filling, the tooth location helps decide the type of restoration. In case of premolars or molars, you can go for an amalgam filing or glass ionomer or composite filling. If you have a damaged front tooth filling, the most suitable choice is a glass ionomer or composite filling. For your back teeth, a strong amalgam filing is an appropriate option as it is the area of the tooth that experiences greatest chewing pressure. Nowadays, depending on preference of patients, most of the dental practitioners restore with tooth-colored filling.

If you have had a severe tooth loss and its restoration is difficult, your dentist se6 will suggest you with a dental cap or crown. On choosing crown as an option, you will first be fitted with a temporary crown for protection while the permanent piece is being prepared. The permanent crown will be fixed on your tooth with subsequent dental visits.

For more serious situations such as when the fallen filling reveals a cavity or exposes your tooth nerves, root canal is the only suitable treatment. And for a fractured filing or tooth, extraction is the only remedy followed by dental implant.

Now, that you are aware of some prevention and restoration options for a fallen or damaged tooth feeling, you can handle the situation wisely. It is recommended that your call your dental practitioner right away when stuck in such a situation.

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