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Film producer, what does he do?

Film producer, what does he do?

We know that his role is important in movies; they collect prizes, they are recognized, they are protagonists in galas. But what exactly does producer do? Let's see it below.

  • What figure is it? Within the film sector, is the figure that has to organize the team, both technical and human?
  • What does? Bring the weight of the film, that is, from coordinating the whole part of artistic creation as to take care of the financial part.
  • What should you get? That the film is a success and for it the decision making since the idea begins to be forged, must be adequate. You must set some goals, carry them out during the preparations and keep them throughout the shoot.
  • How do you prepare? To get a movie to be a box office requires preparation: training in production ,  research on the subject that will be developed in the feature film, dedicating a lot of time to the  creative part , knowing the different  sectors involved  in the shooting (technical, artistic, musical ).
  • That carries out? In short, you must know how to develop a plan for the different working groups under a common denominator: a film project. In addition to preparing the budget, I think about the work that will have to be done before, during and after the movie is released.
  • What professional profile do you have? No doubt he has to be a person who is passionate about the audiovisual sector, but who has knowledge in other subjects. In order to negotiate financing, you must have a business profile  and understand  numbers ; to be able to get involved in the promotion, it must be all  public relations , and on the other hand, have  leadership capacity  to  coordinate and manage  the rest of the work teams.

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Most innovative companies in media

Some of these great companies have been recognized by Fast Company magazine as the most innovative in the world, we bring to you this list in which Univision has also been selected.


Less than two months after being chosen as one of the most innovative companies in the world, Univision is once again recognized but now on the list of the 10 most innovative communications companies on the planet, by the magazine Fast Company.

According to Fast Company Media Company Univision managed to be placed on the first step of this ranking by "please the Latin base and threaten the 'establishment' television".

His constant work has allowed this company to reach a little more than 95% of Hispanic homes in the United States, making it one of the five main television channels in any language.


Followed by The Huffington Post, a company that was recently acquired by AOL for more than $ 315 million.

What makes The Huffington Post an innovative chain is the creation of an online news aggregator and a site of technology experts within its page.

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